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30 day life overhaul: day three ends up out of the doldrums
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Well, the day’s not quite over yet but it’s been productive and busy with lots to feel good about, even though I’m knackered.  I’ ve also had some lovely tweets and comments about my 30-day challenge, which is great so thanks everyone.

Today’s big win is that I managed a 5k run.  Getting started the difficult part.  It wasn’t just the cold, I was worried about my ankle giving way, so worried in fact that I thought I was going to have a panic attack before I headed out the door.

Running clears my head and gives me peace of mind so getting started again is a big deal, and a great big tick in the box now that I’ve done it.  There’s a great sense of achievement that comes with it too, I was triumphant on my return and jumped straight into a hot bath packed full of Epsom Salts.  They’re the perfect natural cure-all, a compound of magnesium, sulfur and oxygen (MgSO4)  and great for stopping post work out aches taking hold and most peculiarly, they stop your hands and feet going wrinkly in the bath, so the recommended 20 minute soak is the perfect excuse for grabbing a cuppa and catching up on a bit of reading too.

And the rest? neBay was shelved for today, but a huge bag of clothes dropped off to the charity shop before heading to the hairdressers.

Three days in and I’ve made some headway, ironically with all the ‘decluttering’ the house is looking a bit dishevelled but that’s easily fixed.  The weather is still bloody cold but I’m definitely feeling on the up so this is working.  And one lovely email popped into my inbox today about a competition to pitch a book and win a publishing deal…I’ll be putting my entry together for that tomorrow.  You’ve got to be in it to win it haven’t you?!

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2 Comments to “30 day life overhaul: day three ends up out of the doldrums”

  1. Sounds great, particularly the competition! Impressed that you can jump back into running and got 5k, that’s the Oak I work up to.
    liveotherwise recently posted..The 5th Wave – Rick Yancey.

    • eva says:

      It took me a year to get up to a steady 5k and have been off for 5 weeks so probably sounds much more impressive than it is but it still feels great – I used the Get Running app to get started if you want to try it x

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