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Film: Unhappy Birthday
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Unhappy Birthday hails itself as a no budget movie and has an intriguing synopsis (below) and like Sightseers, it’s a grotesque pastiche of Britain rather than a gentle drama, so be warned but prepared for a Tales of the Unexpected meets Hammer Horror type tale…

A surprise birthday party becomes a living nightmare for city-dwelling couple Sadie and Rick and their friend Jonny.

They are invited to visit the remote tidal island of Amen by Corinne, an enigmatic local who hopefully holds answers to long-buried family secrets.

Amen is historically populated by a close-knit community who discourage strangers from visiting. So why have these three outsiders been allowed onto the island?

Their arrival brings horrific consequences as they find themselves trapped by the tide and at the mercy of the islanders.

These visitors will wish they’d never been born.

The first thing that strikes me is the stunning cinematography but this has seriously adult content so not one to watch until the kids have gone to bed.  As the quirky threesome arrive on an isolated island, which is only accessible between the tides, a person stands on the roadside holding a banner with the words ‘Leave Amen or Perish’ on it, it’s hard to believe this is not going to end badly, and of course it does.


Sadie, the central female who is having a weekend away to celebrate her birthday,  is like a cross between Claire Grogan and Carole Decker from T’Pau.  This is not the only thing that makes this film camp, it’s a coming out film with dire consequences.  It’s great fun to watch , not too scary or gory, but high camp horror with more than a sexy twist or two.  I’d love to see this duo make something new with some serious backing.



Rotten Tomatoes


MIKE MATTHEWS (WRITER/DIRECTOR) has over 100 hours of network credits for both the BBC and Channel 4, and has most recently directed international TV shows Nigella KitchenHow Clean is Your House?and Grow Your Own Drugs.

MARK HARRIOTT (WRITER/DIRECTOR) AKA Amory Peart has written and directed queer erotic films for over 15 years. Most infamous are his Digital & Future Sex TV series for Channel 4 and Piccadilly Pickupsstarring Alexis Arquette.

NIC SPERANZA (PRODUCER) has a background in independent film distribution and exhibition at the Institute of Contemporary Arts and the BFI.



DAVID PAISLEY (RICK) has just completed filming his regular role of ‘Rory Murdoch’ in River City for BBC/Scotland. His other TV roles include ‘Ryan’ in 2 series of Tinsletown for the BBC, ‘Glen’ in As If and the role of ‘Paul McCallister’ in Whistleblower for Carnival Films. He is probably best known for his regular role of ‘Ben’ in Series 3 and 4 of Holby City andCasualty for the BBC. David Paisley Christina De Vallee CHRISTINA DE VALLEE (SADIE) graduated from ACT in 2008. Film and Theatre credits include Jimmy Two Shoes and Someone to Look Over MeMary-Bollocks, ‘Charmian’ in Anthony & Cleopatra. She can currently be seen in the most recent Marmite ad. This is her first role in a feature film.
JILL RIDDIFORD (CORINNE) Film and TV credits include: Book of Blood (Matador), The History of Bedlam (Seneca), River City (BBC), High Road (STV),Our Friends in the North (BBC), Blue Christmas(Percussion Pictures) and Cardiac Arrest (BBC/Island World Productions). Jill Riddiford Jonathan Keane JONATHAN KEANE (JONNY) is an actor, curator, writer and former senior programmer of the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival. This is his first major role in a feature film. He thinks all creativity comes from working with your friends. He is a committed queer left-winger.
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