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30 day life overhaul day six: back to the drawing board…
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I’m always full of ideas and part of this 30-day process is to substantiate them into something real.

This week of culture and inspiration has sparked some creativity in me and for the first time since I can remember, I’ve been sketching.   It’s utterly absorbing.

I’ve had this idea for a while for illustrating a book I’ve started working on (not the same idea I’ve just entered into a competition).   It’s a simple idea for story telling; turning photos on social media into graphic images.  I’ve started with a photo I took on instagram.  I love the way the perspective works – lots of foreshortening and so much crammed into a tiny square picture – the tricky part is getting the styling right so that will take more work but I’m glad just to get started.

Here’s my first attempts, there’s a hint of Lichtenstein influence coming through following this week’s trip to the retrospective.  They are drawn on A4 office paper but the instagram filter gives them a sepia tint which I really like.  It will take about 20 of these to illustrate the book, so getting the set up right is important.

While these are early versions, I’ve put them back on instagram and had quite a few likes…which one do you prefer?


Style 1 - instagram sharpie

Style 1 – instagram sharpie




Style 2 instagram stabilo

Style 2 – instagram stabilo


If you’re on instagram, let me  know in the comments section and I’ll follow you, I’m nixdminx (no surprises there then…).

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