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30 day life overhaul week 2 begins…
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The day has been overwhelmed with news, first PIP was everywhere, and then the news that Lady Margaret Thatcher has passed away broke. The biggest surprise for me was that the circumstances of her death were more Rock and Roll star gone bad than former head of state; it’s sad that she died alone in a hotel room with no family around her. The amount of ranting on social media is quite unbelievable but there have been some comedic misunderstandings, notably #nowthatchersdead misread by many in the US as now-Cher-is-dead, it’s hard not to chuckle.

As with any major event, this has triggered a trip down memory lane for me and it’s been the main talking point of the day everywhere. I’ve been thinking about the 80′s, when we could smoke everywhere, John Peel did his evening show on Radio One, girls and boys wore eyeliner and we all recorded the charts on to cassettes and made mix tapes from 7″ singles…or was that just me?

The Human League

The Human League – Phil Oakey looking better in make up than most women ever can

So if yesterday was taking stock, today is not just about ’80s nostalgia, it’s about looking forward, but not too far. It’s still the school holidays and I’ve a child-free week ahead of me so instead of running round in a mad frenzy trying to get everything done, I’ve stepped off the gas and taken a step back. While I hate planning, but it’s pretty important to get a view on things and who wants to be the vacuous Will Freeman with his 30 minute units of time to fill? See clip below if you don’t know what I mean, we’ve all been there at one point or another (ermmm, haven’t we?). It’s always good to have a plan.

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  1. Saima khan says:

    It funny you wrote about what I was thinking about. It took me to a time of where things were simple and innocent on our lives. I had plenty if VCR tapes of top of pop recorded. was the highlight of my week. I pity this generation they don’t get amuse by simple pleasures somehow. Social media is. Powerful tool but too many hide behind and just rant or nose around. It was designed to bring people together but a long we do that not only in the virtual world but make time to meet people we connect with online and follow up with. Actual face to face conversation then that’s really something. I want to go back to a world where people mean what they say. Slightly digressing Thatcher was remarkable in leading conservatives and was an impressive political figure and really paced th way for women in politics. Of course not every is going to agree but I don’t think there has been a better lead for conservatives as her. it’s integrating when people pas away that we can’t give them dignity even in death and just focus on the good parts. Today an uncle died and at his funeral no one spoke about the things he wasn’t great at but focused on all hai great points why can give that same level of respect of people in the spotlight. This person has children and other family and they are grieving at this moment.But even this has become new slagging off Thatcher. Such a shame

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