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30 day life overhaul… aah, the luxury facial day
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Today has been hectic, I mean really hectic, my week has been hijacked by deadlines brought forward by a week and an early return home from my daughter…While I’m delighted about both, it’s had a concertina effect on my to do list.

This is why everything I usually plan gets put on the back burner very quickly, but fear not, this month is different (well it is so far). Two things that I had scheduled for today and were really important to me were having a meeting about branding for a new project and having a facial; yes, it’s the me stuff and I’m embarrassed to say it’s often what ends up not getting done. It’s also really easy to put this kind of stuff aside as trivial and mundane, but actually it isn’t. Not doing stuff is probably harder because of the self recriminations that go along with it.

That’s the great thing about being on a mission; I decided to bite the bullet today and get everything done, while performing some pretty nifty footwork. While the new branding project is still under wraps, my face is suddenly Spring fresh after a lovely Olos glycolic facial at home.

My luxury facial ingredients starring Olos

My luxury facial ingredients starring Olos

My facialist is not only one talented lady but a great friend too, so we had fabulous gossip and a super healthy dinner of salmon, rice with fresh spring peas, stems of broccoli and salad, all washed down with a lovely Syrah and lots of laughter. Great day!

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2 Comments to “30 day life overhaul… aah, the luxury facial day”

  1. chrissie says:

    I am overdue one…..everygirl/woman deserves at least 2 a year! x

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