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30 day life overhaul…time for reading
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If you really want to do something, you’ll always find the time won’t you? Well, sometimes you have to try a little harder, well I do, especially when it comes to reading.

Over the last year, my capacity for reading books has nosedived. I’ve gone from reading between two and five a month to about, well, zero. So when I began this overhaul, one of the things I wanted to start doing again was reading and I have to admit, it’s been difficult. It’s mostly down to my heavy internet habit – and digesting news, posts, video and articles from all over the place – and also my butterfly brain which flits all over the place and settles on one thing or another for a few minutes or so before something else shiny and new crops up. However, having set myself a task, I’ve been reading not one, but two books which are both by female writers and vastly different.

The first the hardback version of NW, Zadie Smith’s latest novel which I bought some time ago and it’s been languishing unread on my bedside table for a while. I’m a diehard Smith fan, and I’ve looked at it everyday and felt a twinge of guilt. Occasionally I’ve picked it up, read a few lines and put it down again. While it’s not her best, I usually tend to battle on through all books from my favourite writers just to make sure I haven’t a judgement too soon. What I’ve enjoyed most about Smith’s work is that she crafts set pieces about life in London and the colourful characters she creates always seem so familiar, as if you could easily bump into them on the 15.36 overground to Willesden Junction. I’ve not been able to race through this one but as I’ve given myself more time to read, I’m finding NW okay, but weirdly, it’s more like an Amis novel than a Smith…perhaps that’s what she set out to do.


The second is an ebook I’m reading on my iPad is by Eva Hudson, a crime novelist, and it’s a really good fun, riotous read. I’m well over half way through and would definitely recommend it.

Here’s what she has to say about the book:

The Senior Moment is the second book in the Degrees of Separation series and features Jean Henderson, a 65-year-old grandmother who is visiting New York to help her son with his new baby. Unfortunately for Jean, as soon as she arrives in the city, things start to go wrong.

After getting caught up in a fatal grocery store shooting in the East Village, Jean reaches her son’s apartment to find it empty. When she discovers the trouble he’s in and realises she’s the only person who can save him, she devises an audacious plan to get him back, veering further and further from the straight and narrow with each step.

Meanwhile the grocery store shooter has developed a taste for killing and as the only witness to see his face, Jean is next on his hit list. With a gunman hunting her down and an NYPD cop growing more suspicious of her activities in the city, Jean is running out of time to save her son.

So really, it’s not that difficult, and if like me you’re stuck in a rut, I’m pleased to say that once you get started, it’s pretty easy to get swept away by a good plot and cast of characters. Even better, reading fiction is apparently good for your emotional intelligence, who knew?

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  1. Saima Khan says:

    Loving this blog, as I am making a mental list of all the things I want to do once I leave my job for good at the end of the month, and focus on my business (The Hampstead Kitchen). Another good one I wanted to share we all have those cookery books, so IO am aiming to open one new book every week and make a new recipes every week and build my report ire of recipes.
    I also wanted to share this with you and your followers.
    People matter, but often we’re so focused on our daily activities that we don’t think about the best way to interact.

    To make your interactions meaningful, practise the 3 C’s:

    1) Co-operate: Lend a hand, an idea, a bit of encouragement.
    Reach out and make small, yet significant gestures.

    2) Communicate: Relate honestly, respectfully and with genuine
    enthusiasm. And make your small talk count.

    3) Connect: Interact face-to-face as much as possible.
    Really pay attention and listen. Listen to understand others.
    Have a great day everyone

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