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30 day life overhaul…my new company gets properly branded
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It’s always a shock to the system when the new term starts, even though it’s only been a fortnight break, having to sort out uniforms, snacks, lunches and all the other gumph is easily forgotten until that time comes around again. While I’ve resorted to getting up earlier but continue to switch the 6am alarm onto snooze, to get a little bit of calm before the chaos; is there such a thing as an underhaul? I’ve been asking myself this week.

By Friday I felt sapped, I didn’t post yesterday as I decided to unplug from the week and I just wanted to lie on the sofa and not share a thing.

But that’s not to say I’ve been resting on my laurels or avoiding change or progress. In fact it’s a very different story, it’s been a really productive and incredibly rewarding week. I’m in the very early days of creating a business, and for those of you that have gone through the same process, you’ll know that it’s a pretty intense time. Getting the name right, getting everything in place and so on isn’t easy and I’ve been more than lucky to work with some amazing people in the process.

The great news is that I’ve got a fantastic logo for my new company; EEK! I’m very excited about this and while it’s been a few months in the making, as they say, perfection takes time.

It’s been a brilliant exercise as I’ve had the pleasure of working with an amazing group of creative people from The Council who have helped me get to grips with it all and come up with a visual representation of what I’m going to be doing. They have a fantastic track record in creating award winning work so I feel extremely confident about this, in fact, I love it.

Conversociable - digital and social media marketing

Conversociable – digital and social media marketing

And the icing on the cake is…my social media training courses get a lovely new look too…much as I liked my own version it was never going to cut the mustard

Home of Social - my social media training logo gets a wonderful make over

Home of Social – my social media training logo gets a wonderful make over

There’s no stopping me now, and a big thank you to everyone that is helping me on the way. Woo-hoozers!

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2 Comments to “30 day life overhaul…my new company gets properly branded”

  1. Tanya Rocks says:

    Lovely cheerful positive graphics.
    Adorable “best handwriting” font.
    Witty “i” dot for “Home of Social”.
    Very likeable & clever stuff.

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