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30 day life overhaul…the seven day detox diet (arghh)
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I was lucky enough to have a lovely lunch with a group friends this afternoon, we had hugely indulgent and divine plates of food. Wouldn’t it be great if life was always like that? But it can’t be so – especially if a Summer holiday is in the planning and the dreaded bikini reveal moment on the beach is looming (or am I just alone there?).

There’s really nothing worse than a diet bore, but there are times when a bit of abstinence is in order which is why I’m adding a short but sweet body spruce up to this 30 day overhaul, frankly, it would be rude not to.

I’m not a fan of dieting but friends of mine who are nutritionists recommend a good week or so of purification and they all say the same thing. It’s not rocket science but it does base itself on the mantra; no meat, no wheat, no dairy. Wine is off the menu but vodka is not. I’m more worried about no milk in my tea so I’ve bought some soy milk (that should be fun).

So while I’m wondering if seven days is going to be enough to have some kind of a detox diet, I’ve got a pretty full on life and no access to personal trainers or in-home chefs, so I think it’s about the right time.

I don’t eat wheat and I’m an occasional vegetarian, but a habitual carnivore. I love a plate of cheese and a big fat glass of pinot noir. So what would a seven day abstinence diet look like if wheat, meat and dairy and booze are off the menu? Pretty good I think but it’s going to be hard not to tuck into to a plate of cheese and rice cakes with a nice glass of burgundy.

But then again, it’s only seven days….

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