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30 day life overhaul…getting in the (wheat-dairy-meat-free) zone
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Bright-eyed and bushy tailed on a Monday? Who am I trying to kid! A day without dairy products is probably one of the hardest things I’ve done so far this month.

Breakfast without butter, tea without milk and not even the slightest nibble of cheese has been difficult. An evening without wine is easy, but ask me again on Friday when I’m slurping (real) Ribena from a wine glass.

I woke up really hungry this morning, realised what I had, or rather didn’t have, in store and pressed the snooze button. Oh the shame of it. By 11am I was thinking about lunch; salad with walnuts and blue cheese, or salad with goats cheese, or anything with cheese and then it hit me, cheese is out for the week.

I’m obviously not cut out for this health living lark.

My main indulgence throughout the day is tea, and I’ve never drunk tea with soya milk in it instead of milk before; it’s chalky, sweet and slightly sickly. I’m not really selling this one am I?

Ok, ok, it’s not all bad, my skin feels better already and I do feel that my breathing is improved without the dairy. Let’s see how I feel about this tomorrow….

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4 Comments to “30 day life overhaul…getting in the (wheat-dairy-meat-free) zone”

  1. Hmm, I’d be interested to hear how this works. Think I could just about manage the tea – I drink a lot sans milk (e.g. green tea) anyway. But no cheese?!!

    • eva says:

      I know -life without cheese is like Wallace without Gromit…! On the tea front, I know what you mean, nothing like a good cup of chamomile or dandelion and burdock; but you can’t beat builders tea either, hence the soya milk. Everything I’ve been reading up on about cutting out dairy seems to point to one thing; no saturated fat so a week off it definitely can’t hurt.

  2. Saima Khan says:

    brave woman, just reading this is making me feel hungry, but then I think about the food all the time, cannot go on a diet when I have to spend most of my time creating bespoke menu :-) good luck with the diet

    • eva says:

      Ha ha – yes, I’m already thinking about lunch and dinner – it’s a nice challenge though because it’s quite creative in a way; oatcakes with tahini an honey for breakfast this morning; I’m going to have Thai for lunch and looking forward to making melon smoothie and salad…not sure I’m quite read for tofu yet though! x

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