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30 day life overhaul…life is sweet
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The sun, blue skies and blossom everywhere makes life amazing doesn’t it? It’s almost dreamlike, as if some kind of flower-power was shooting petalled fireworks from the gnarly knots of the winter trees. It was 19 degrees in London today and everyone was buzzy and happy.

I breezed through the day and kept to my ‘wheat-meat-dairy-free’ diet. Having lunch outside at Busaba Eathai in the sunshine was hardly a chore and this evening I made rice noodle soup with pak choi and prawns, breakfast was oatcakes with a smidgen of honey and tahini (I’m not exactly suffering here). So, on to the food shopping. I should have done it on Sunday really but I would have put myself off even starting this lunacy fad health kick. I realised that about half of my local Waitrose is given over to booze, meat and cheese, so I looked at it longingly and headed over to the fruit and salad aisles. Yum. Unbelievably, I think I’ve spent about half the amount I usually would on a food shop, so this lean living is good for the wallet.

And there you have it, in one swift paragraph I’ve become a yawning food bore. But wait, it is end of day two, I do deserve some credit. And for the rest of the week, I’m sticking to an Asian style diet which means I can eat stuff I love and stick to the 7 days without all the junk. The strangest thing I’ve noticed though is my food is a lot sweeter, that’s something I didn’t expect at all.

And yes, I’ve stuck with the soya milk in the tea. It’s sweet too.

Which brings me on to an email I got today, funnily enough it’s for a really sweet little app and I’m going to try it out. It’s called Happify. It’s a social network for the pursuit and gamification of happiness or so it seems. I’ll tell you more once I’ve had a good play.

Sweet dreams.

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2 Comments to “30 day life overhaul…life is sweet”

  1. I ADORE Prawns, but I HATE Tea, I’m almost a Professional Coffee drinker lol.
    Kevin Gillespie recently posted..I LONG to be WANTED & OWNED & to BELONG. :( :( :(

    • eva says:

      Oh, I remember those heady days of coffee…but I wouldn’t go as far as to say I was at a professional level :)

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