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30 day life overhaul….count down to wine o’clock
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Phew, five days in to the ‘no-meat-no-wheat-no-dairy-or-booze’ and today I’ve really missed…ummm…wine. Especially, burgundy wine, with a nice rare steak and a plate of cheese.

I can easily survive the working week on rabbit food on a detox diet, but when it’s time to unwind on a Friday evening, another bowl of rice noodles and a glass of pineapple juice just doesn’t hit the spot. While I was tempted to give in and have a sneaky tipple, I really want to do the full seven days alcohol free and see how I feel at the end of it.

Actually, I’m completely lying, I want to see how I feel when I’ve got this in front of me on Monday.


I might just have to start the week with the Paleo ‘caveman diet’, which means you can have steak for breakfast. The wine will have to wait…that would just be too much, wouldn’t it?

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