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30 day life overhaul…I’m so excited
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It’s the last day of April which means I’ve come to the end of my life overhaul. It’s been a brilliant way to start Spring. When I began it was snowing and cold and now it’s sunny and colourful flowers are popping up everywhere.

I’ve posted 29 out of 30 days about the things I’ve been doing and looking back I’m suprised at what I’ve done. It’s been much more of a spiritual and creative month than I’d imagined it would be on day one. It’s really helped to soften up the rigid structures which grow up around us invisibly; whether it’s the mayhem of week day mornings, or the auto-pilot routine of getting school uniforms ironed, nagging about homework or feeling the pressures of work, these things overwhelm us if they’re not offset with genuine self interest. I’d forgotten that I mattered to myself and was feeling a bit lost.

If you’re feeling stuck in a rut, I’d definitely recommend giving yourself a 30 day make over; the formula is a simple one – do something different everyday that’s good for you and gets you out of your comfort zone. That could be switching off the TV, booking a flight somewhere or starting to read War & Peace. It doesn’t have to be earth shattering, just personal to you. Thanks to all of you who have read my posts and left notes of encouragement, it’s meant a lot.

And now, I’m going to treat myself to a movie from my favourite director of all time, Almodovar, as a reward…

Extra Almodovar

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11 Comments to “30 day life overhaul…I’m so excited”

  1. Sally says:

    I’ve loved following this, very inspiring, and it’s good to see you’ve come out of it positive about the experience. DEfinitely given me food for thought.
    Sally recently posted..Dear Next Week

    • eva says:

      It’s certainly been an interesting one, will definitely do this again next year if Winter drags on and on and on…

  2. Matt says:

    Nice work having a positive step in this – a life overhaul can be very good for you. And if it isn’t, at least you learned you are brave!
    Matt recently posted..Macro photography in the Botanical Gardens

  3. Nickie says:

    I’ve really enjoyed following your 30-day overhaul. Not sure I’d have the commitment to do it myself but it’s given me some inspiration to achieve some goals in May.

    • eva says:

      Thanks Nickie – and you’ve been really supportive with your great comments – it’s been good to try things out; I’ve stuck with the soy milk as I really like it now and might give up on dairy because I feel better, same goes for alcohol but I doubt that will last long!! Good luck in May, it’s your birthday month so you can give yourself some treats too xx

  4. chrissie Pagnottta says:

    Love Almodovar….. how was excited?

    • eva says:

      It’s just come out here so will be seeing it in a few days; can’t wait but too much socialising to do this weekend to manage a cinema visit x

  5. Wander Mum says:

    Well done. What a great thing to do. Everybody should try to at least do a mini version of this and remember who they are again and what they love doing. I try to this most days but you have inspired me to stick to all my good intentions.

    • eva says:

      Thanks – it’s been really good and I’m now venturing on a new 30 day adventure of running everyday which is tough!

  6. hahahaha, its excelent, i like it ,

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