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Which women would you like to see on #banknotes ? Here’s mine
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When I learned that soon there would be no women on our bank notes in the UK, I didn’t want to let the matter go without doing anything.  I’ve joined up with The Womens Room to get as many bloggers as possible to create a blog post and nominate which women they believe deserve to be on bank notes; and of course to sign the petition here.

My research tells me that only two women have appeared on notes; Elizabeth Fry (prison reformer, philanthropist) 2000-present and Florence Nightingale (nurse) 1975-1994 but where are the rest of the great women who feature in our history?  Dame Anita Roddick, Jane Austen, Emily Brontë, Margaret Thatcher, Mo Mowlam, Angela Berners-Wilson, Ada Lovelace, Marie Curie spring to mind when I think of great candidates but there are plenty more.

I’m torn between the modernisers and the ultra modern but without the first we wouldn’t have the second so I’m putting forward Emmeline Pankhurst who campaigned long and hard to win voting rights for women.


Emmeline Pankhurst


Who inspires you? And who are you going to tag in your post to nominate their inspiration? There’s more about the campaign here.

I’m tagging Tara Cain Sticky Fingers, Sian Mummy-tips and Penny Golightly to nominate the women they believe are worth a $5, £10, £20 or £50 – don’t forget to nominate yours on your blog, tag a blogger and add your link below please:

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28 Comments to “Which women would you like to see on #banknotes ? Here’s mine”

  1. Sian says:

    I think it’s too easy to forget what the Suffragettes did for us. When I was taught about them in school I was left with the impression that they were crazy ladies with too much time on their hands. I clearly had a male history teacher.

    Now that I’ve travelled to Bangladesh and Africa and seen for myself the way that women are forced to live as slaves to their men folk I appreciate even more the sacrifices that these women made for us.

    They should be celebrated and not forgotten.
    Sian recently posted..Keep A Woman On English Banknotes Campaign

    • eva says:

      My daughter is learning about the women’s movement at school – interesting backdrop to the banknotes discussion we’re all having on our blogs. x

  2. Shobha says:

    Great idea! I was on Hampstead Heath this morning and reminded again that Octavia Hill saved it from development. There are plenty of women who did loads for this country. It’s not asking too much that one be represented!!

    • eva says:

      I totally agree and I loved your blog post – it’s really interesting to see who people are choosing and there is plenty of choice, wouldn’t it be great to have at least one of them featured on our currency, in fact, scrub that, at least half of our currency

  3. Nickie says:

    Really inspirational campaign. Thanks for alerting me to it. My post is written now – and I really enjoyed looking into it.

    • eva says:

      I loved your story and how you arrive at Marie Stopes – some great names popping up – amazing!

  4. Penny G says:

    Thanks for the tag! Lots of great ideas from everyone so far. There’s something coming up on my site very, very soon. Somebody I’m surprised hasn’t been mentioned already… plus some cheeky artwork…
    Penny G recently posted..Latest news: Cybher and a free ebook

  5. [...] part of this awareness-raising, I’ve been tagged by Eva from Nixdminx and challenged to come up with some ideas for women who should be celebrated on our banknotes. [...]

  6. eva says:

    OMG Winston never looked so good – Penny, you’re a very naughty lady!! Love it and thanks for joining in x

  7. [...] from the £5 note and replaced with Winston Churchill, that will be it. No more women. Eva at NixdMinx led the charge at CybHer, asking for people to sign the petition and blog about who they think [...]

  8. Susi says:

    Love the ideas. If it was someone contemporary I’d go for Judy Dench – what a fabulous role model of being an older woman still knocking them dead on the screen or stage. If I had her energy, presence and talent when I’m in my seventies I’d be one happy woman. So someone to remind women they don’t have to step back or disappear to the garden/sofa when they get to whatever age it is people deem women too old!

    • eva says:

      There have been so many names that have sprung up that I’m really amazed – it’s certainly got us all thinking

  9. [...] If you’d like to see which other women have been nominated as part of the #Banknotes campaign, pop over to the Pinterest board and check our Eva’s linky. [...]

  10. We were delighted to host Eva’s excellent post in support of this important campaign. It isn’t just the UK that has this woeful under-representation of women – it’s the same in the US. Definitely time for change!

  11. Sorry – I meant to add that I would agree with Nickie and vote for Marie Stopes, as I believe wholeheartedly that women’s rights start with the fundamental issue of control over their own bodies.

    • eva says:

      No need to apologise for that Di – thanks for sharing the post and I am so pleased to see how many different women have been picked as part of this campaign because when we all think about it, there’s really a huge amount to choose from x

  12. Thanks for the opportunity to post about this. I feel like this campaign is a history lesson in the making, reminding us of women’s names we may have forgotten and introducing us to new heroines who deserve to be honoured.
    Joanne Mallon recently posted..The Graphic Art of the Films of Harry Potter

  13. [...] with Winston Churchill, that will be it. No more women. If you want to follow the campaign visit NixdMinx’s blog to watch the bank note debate and find out who others are voting to be put on a bank [...]

  14. [...] you’ve written your post, please add to the linky here  and then tweet using #banknotes hashtag and also to @TheWomensRoomUK who will tweet your [...]

  15. Caroline Haslett gets my vote – imagine life without electricity in the home…
    Vanessa Jane Holburn recently posted..Banknotes aren’t just for the boys

  16. Victoria Drummond is my choice. You are probably saying who?
    She sat in my drafts for a number of weeks poor love, but I’ve finally posted and given her a little of the recognition she so deserves.
    Jessica Milln recently posted..Victoria Drummond is surely worth a Fiver? #Banknotes

  17. eva says:

    You’re right Jessica, I did say ‘who?’ but after reading your post that changed to a big fat WOW! So may great women who have achieved amazing things in the face of adversity have come to light as part of this campaign, it’s truly something

  18. [...] join the #Banknotes campaign by signing the petition. There’s a post to link up to on Nixdminx blog and a #Banknotes Pinterest board where all campaign faces will be featured. You can also tweet [...]

  19. [...] join the #Banknotes campaign by signing the petition. There’s a post to link up to on Nixdminx blog and a #Banknotes Pinterest board where all campaign faces will be featured. You can also tweet [...]

  20. Joanne says:

    Hope we’re not too late for this! My daughter who’s 13 has gone for the surprising choice of Catherine of Aragon.
    Joanne recently posted..Keeping fit in the summer

    • eva says:

      Hi there – not at all – what a great choice too – and fab news that the campaign worked – woo hoo hoo I say!

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