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It’s silly season; government is in recess and schools have broken up for Summer holidays so it’s time to expect outlandish fillers stories in the media. We’ve seen the unidentified whale-monster and the six legged octopus that became a calamari supper, but the week that began with news of a new Prince has also given […]

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The ASA has announced the results of a survey today about how children are served advertising on social networks and I’m pretty appalled, not just about the small sample size (24 children) but also about the various reactions I’ve been reading in the media. Parents and kids themselves appear to be the target of blame […]

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sunshine empty room

This is my entry for the Gallery this week and the theme is sunshine. We were at Food Blogger Connect on Sunday at Battersea Arts Centre on Lavender Hill. It was such a hot morning that it didn’t feel like we were in England as we walked from Clapham Junction. Arriving at the venue quite […]

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This one might resonate with you bloggers who often get a bit stuck or find yourself with writers block. It happens to us all and I’m no stranger to it either which is why I wrote this presentation which I used for my session at Food Blogger Connect last week. My thinking has really come […]

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