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Applecarts, CybHer, Sian and that Cision post….
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The last few weeks have been a bit intense on Twitter to say the least.

Sometimes I see a flurry of tweets about a point of view and want to run, hide and delete my account, but I usually get over it.

This week’s ‘flurry’ took me a bit by surprise. Forgive me for bursting in to a fit of school girl giggles (albeit it virtually) but I do find it wryly amusing when someone puts an opinion forward and others feel a need to defend themselves, especially when they weren’t even the target of the debate.

While it might be considered a little fey to make light of someone’s upset, that’s not what I’m doing here, it’s more that I think people should be respected for putting their point of view across and that readers shouldn’t take it too personally; a strategically placed blog post is about stating a position, getting a point across and then opening up discussion and debate not an all out argument, we’re grown ups here aren’t we?.

All of us that blog, for whatever reason, have some level of influence and that’s usually based on the resonance our passion, views and opinions have with readers on certain hot topics and many of those that we bring to light.  That’s precisely what Sian has done in her post on Cision about CybHer – and she has every right to do so.  The fact she chose a polarising headline is because she wants to differentiate herself, and again, she has every right to do so.

Sian is a straight talking, no nonsense, passionate social media peep; we should be grateful that someone is taking a lead and calling out a few things (good and bad) that go on among bloggers.  While I don’t necessarily agree with some of the points that Sian may have made, I do feel that she has a right to make them because they’re based on her experiences and we’ve discussed them on many occasions, and frankly, I think she should air and share them.

So while no one wants to see the apple cart of blogging tipped over; someone’s going to do it and every Summer we seem to have a bit of a silly moment. While I’m not saying this is silly, a do think there’s a bit of an over reaction to the post.

Let’s look at this through my lens; when I ran my Social Women and Business session at CybHer, I brought Caroline Criado-Perez with me as part of the panel and also to launch the #banknotes campaign to the bloggers there.  I believed that the CybHer community would be really keen to push out the word and support the campaign, and so it did.

As we all know Caroline’s campaign was hugely successful, Jane Austen will now be on our £10 notes.  So she stood up and made a point, and then the backlash started.  To say it has been painful is an understatement.  What no one would envision though was that it would lead to a double whammy; triumph over the Bank of England swiftly became a campaign directed at Twitter to amend it’s platform so abusive tweets can be reported more easily.  Twitter has apologised and is making changes; the debate about trolls and online abuse aimed at women still rages, but it’s a step in the right direction.  The etiquette of comment culture is way out of hand.

So the way I see it is that not all of us, by our very natures, belong to a herd and that’s why we use our own blogs as soap boxes to air opinions.  This might not necessarily be popular and most definitely might be contrary but it does take some grit and guts from the writer, and the reader, especially when we’re presented with a different or controversial point of view.

That to me is what blogging is about, but let’s not debase debate please.



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4 Comments to “Applecarts, CybHer, Sian and that Cision post….”

  1. Alex says:

    I think Sian’s first post about mummy blaggers was what, Nov/Dec 2011? It’s hardly news and I presume it’s resonance is what’s caused the shouting match :)
    Alex recently posted..Over on the other blog…

    • eva says:

      It’s been a bit of a whirlwind discussion that’s for sure, I still enjoy the spirit of open discussion without having to descend into a pit of fury!

  2. Sian’s wording might have been a bit blunt for some people, but she’s entitled to her opinion and she made some valid points. I thought it was a bit bizarre how some people took it so personally – she was making generalised statements, not singling out people for personal attack!!!!

    • eva says:

      Well hello you, how’s things? That’s Sian through and through – she has an opinion and doesn’t make personal attached…I totally agree, it was a weird and very strange 48hrs! x

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