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I think we can expect to see a few more ‘You’ve read the blog now buy the book’ tweets and posts over the coming months and I’m really pleased to see that two great blogs are joining the book shelf with the publication of their sites in fully bound print.  Well, not the whole site obviously, but that would be a bit of a yawn.

You always know a true friend when they tell you something you need to know.  One of my best mates is forever grateful to me for cannily swiping a nit out of her platinum blonde hair at a private art gallery show, she in turn has got me out of all sorts of scrapes, from clothes misdemeanors to the ever so occasional over indulgence in cocktails.  This is why I love this book concept; ‘You Have Lipstick on Your Teeth’, from cult women’s blog  It’s an anthology of 39 (mostly) true tales by women, for women, about being women—bodily changes, relationships, careers, motherhood, aging, illness, and more.  I’ve really enjoyed reading this blog for several years, and have been an occasional contributor too, it’s a place I go to read eye-wateringly honest and bold stories with a large splash of humour and irony.   Well done ladies!


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Second is A Girl Called Jack who has captured the zeitgeist in her budget cooking meets food bank gourmand blog.  Hers is a story that resonates with many and while the well off among us may guffaw at the Aldi ads screaming ‘like brands but cheaper’, those of us struggling to make ends meet will find her a lifeline. I seem to waver between the two at the moment as I’m in the feast or famine stages of starting up my own business, hence my interest in the blog!


While this is proof positive that necessity is the mother of invention, I think it really shows blogging at its best; Jack writes passionately about what she does, she’s open to sharing with others and she’s not afraid to use her voice and get behind a campaign.  You can pre order her book here.  Don’t forget to check out the recipes on the blog, they’re all pretty imaginative and come in at well under £1 a meal per person, many in fact are about 15 to 20p to make.  If you’re interested in cool and interesting food blogs; check out MsMarmiteLover (supper club doyen and curator or amazing recipes and experiences) and NeverSeconds (the teen blogger who turned terrible school dinners into a global community), they’re both bloggers on a mission and a road less travelled than the rest of  us.



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