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Juggling work and motherhood is something that many women face and we all handle it in different ways over time.

When my daughter was really young, I worked three days a week and made sure everywhere I worked was within running distance of her childminder should anything go wrong.  As she got older, it became 40 minutes and a swift cab journey until I worked up to a huge 90 minute journey each way and often found myself tired and feeling like I was just a machine.

Fast forward to now and I’ve given up the commute and the shenanigans of office life to do my own thing.  It’s brought loads of benefits with it and the big one is that I’m around and don’t have to spend two or three hours a day travelling to and from work.  There’s other stuff too like never having to worry about taking a day off if my daughter is sick, I can be home and still work around it, plus managing holidays is easier.

So what about me?  Working from home means I have the joy of making my own hours, can be my own boss and do what I love. There are a number of things that do really help to keep it all on track and here’s my top four tips:


1. Switching Off

It’s really hard to switch off when you’re trying to get a business off the ground and I’ve learned that it’s easier to go with the flow rather than to stick to usual office hours, my advice is to learn what suits you and your lifestyle.


2. Getting out of the house is a must

Running is one of the best ways to start the day as it gets the endorphines flowing and also gives you a sense of achievement. If you can find someone to run with, that’s even better as it makes the time go quicker. I used Get Running to get myself up to 5k and try and run two or three times a week, I highly recommend it.

get running
















3. Getting Organised

Working from home means sometimes actually all the time I make a lot of mess.  It’s certainly not a purposeful mess but if there’s a creative pitch on the go or a load of documents to be printed off, chaos is the only option. Much as I don’t want my house to become an office, there’s a real need for some sensible but stylish storage.  I’ve been checking out some options and love this green cabinet, it looks like I could easily accommodate mail, documents and the odd work gadget so I can retrieve my home when the day is done.


sisley green cabinet from john lewis
















4. Keep a sense of balance

A short meditation is great to focus the mind so trying this out could help with stress and concentration, I use the Chopra Centre guided meditation podcasts. Every week I make a point of meeting a friend for coffee or lunch to get a new perspective and have a few laughs. Sometimes, if you’re stuck and can’t progress with something, it really does help to do something completely different to unblock the mind. A half hour in the garden or reading a book is a good way to get your thinking fresh again.


How do you manage to balance it all?  Please share your secrets by leaving a comment below.


Get Running app is £1.99 on iTunes

Sisley 3-door filing cabinet is £250, John Lewis

Chopra Centre guided meditation podcasts on iTunes, free



This is a sponsored blog post for John Lewis.




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