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5 Years on Twitter: Here’s what I’ve learned…in less than 140 characters per point
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I got a tweet the other day telling me that I was celebrating my 5th birthday on Twitter and then I got a rather sweet email from Twitter with this picture below.

I’ll be honest, I’ve been on twitter in a number of guises for well over five years and my confession to you is that I never really ‘got it’ until I started using it to publicise my blog posts and connect with other bloggers, follow brands and media I like and of course the occasional celebrity but I’ve generally unfollowed most of them because I find them.

twitter 5 years nixdminx

Rather than get verbose and bang on about the life affirming magic of Twitter and how I couldn’t live without it, here are my key thoughts on what a long term user thinks of Twitter…


The power of the hashtag is not to be under estimated; once you’ve got to grips with it, use it don’t abuse it

Twitter is a hugely helpful community, if your followers don’t know, they usually know someone that does

People that follow you only to get a follow back, and then unfollow you are pointless timewasters; block them

People that swear constantly and slag off other people on their Twitter feeds are not worth following

Twitter is the best place to get breaking news/view/gossip so you can have an informed opinion

It’s very often full of absolute nonsense and quite good for having a bit of laugh out loud banter with your followers; enjoy it


Thanks Twitter, it’s been real!

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