The life and times of a happy go lucky blogger in London
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Dimly lit, overcrowded, noisy and lots of queuing. No, this isn’t a battery hen farm or the ladies loos at a busy night club on a Saturday night, it’s the first week of the Matisse Cut Outs at the Tate Modern. Yesterday, the sun was shining and the street food sellers and foodie trucks which […]

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I'm speaking at FBC14

For those of you who attended Food Blogger Connect last year, you’ll remember that it was right in the middle of a heatwave which was great so let’s hope for another sunny Summer to welcome the world’s foodie bloggers to town. Even better this year, is that FBC14 (June 6-8 at BAC, Clapham) has an […]

energy show

    Yesterday we went to see, The Energy Show or in the words of the performers and not mine, the “Great British nerd off”. Promising lots of noise and explosions, it certainly didn’t disappoint. Aimed at the 7 years plus audience, the ‘edutainment’ show is pretty entertaining, set in the future, and features two […]


Spring is all about decluttering, it’s part of the human condition to want to clear away the old to make way for the new and this is where I tend to get a bit stuck…. Take these clogs for example, do I bin them, send them to the charity shop, do a car boot sale…or….keep […]

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