The life and times of a happy go lucky blogger in London
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Nixdminx blog at Chelsea Town Hall

  This is a pretty cool sight isn’t it?  It’s the stage in the main hall at Chelsea Town Hall and as you can see, it was jam packed with fashionistas wanting to hear tales from the front row of the fashion world and more besides. But let’s get one thing straight; sadly, those chairs […]

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Van Asch 403 Skull Cushion

I love indie designers and because of my eclectic taste, it doesn’t matter if the style is minimal or retro, the item just has to resonate with me.  In our house you’ll find Tom Dixon, Corbusier, hard won eBay treasures, stuff from my travels and even a touch of Ikea.  I also love to have […]

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Amsterdam Febo Nixdminx blog

Travelling with teens in peak holiday times is a hideously expensive exercise; that’s why it makes sense to scan the school calendar for inset days so we can take advantage of a short off season break.  At this time of year, short haul city breaks work best so last Thursday evening we headed off to […]

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