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Design: Van Asch combines cool vintage with a rock edge
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I love indie designers and because of my eclectic taste, it doesn’t matter if the style is minimal or retro, the item just has to resonate with me.  In our house you’ll find Tom Dixon, Corbusier, hard won eBay treasures, stuff from my travels and even a touch of Ikea.  I also love to have

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be introduced to Rachel Van Asch, the driving force behind Van Asch.  She was over from Stockholm to do the Top Drawer show (which if you don’t know is the leading trade show for design-led gifts and accessories in the UK).  Her company produces an amazing range of home accessories; think cocktail trays, bags and iPad covers and great signature furniture.

Being rather taken with the range of cushions she was exhibiting, I snaffled a few of them for our rather battered Chesterfield sofa which needs cheering up. Here are a few of them; the Dragon Fly printed cushion which is much larger than you think, like a half pillow size, the Vintage Tropical Cushion which is perfect to brighten up the wintry days that are coming and the very beautiful Steam Lady of Cogs which I’ve bought as a present for someone (see below).


It’s always great to meet people who are living their dream and Van Asch is testament to that; just take a look at the site and you’ll see the range of products is bubbling with creativity.  It’s hard to pigeon hole; it’s got a touch of gothic romance about it while embracing state of the art production methods.  So it’s probably best to let Rachel explain it for herself …

Q Tell us about Van Asch
A I moved to Stockholm from London 8 years ago. Initially I opened a shop which is where my cushion designing started, then I went on to develop the wholesale side growing from making everything myself to having other people make it, so I could concentrate more on designing.


Van Asch Flowers, Pearl and Skull Cushion

Q What’s your design inspiration?
A My aesthetic is a mix between vintage and rock, faded old world beauty combined with edgy modern cool…everything is designed digitally but I use a lot of original photography in my work, scanned fabrics and even make objects to photograph like the mosaic skull in my sugar Skull cushion.

Q What’s your favourite piece you’ve designed?
A I think my favorite design is Skull 403. I recently did a lilac 403 version which is my new fave. I just love the faded  muted colours combined with the skull and bugs.

Van Asch 403 Skull Cushion

Q And for buying and shipping from UK – how does it work?
A I’ve just launched in UK so I have various stockists around the country plus I ship all over the world from my own web shop. You can find more info about stockists on the website too.

Q What’s your product price range?
A I design smaller gift items like iPad covers and journals, purses, mirrors priced around £20 going up to the cushions for £45.

Q What’s your last shipping date for Christmas to UK and international
A I have a news section on the website where I will put up those kind of important dates closer to the time.
Thanks to Rachel for supplying the answers and images.  For all the answers to your questions and to order from the amazing Van Asch range, pop over to visit the shop on the link here.
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