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Lemon Love drinks

If you want to know what the up and coming culinary trends are now and in the next year or so, Food Blogger Connect is the a great place to start. The event brings together bloggers from all over the world and a three day parade of workshops, labs, conversation hours, food demos and sampling […]

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I'm speaking at FBC14

For those of you who attended Food Blogger Connect last year, you’ll remember that it was right in the middle of a heatwave which was great so let’s hope for another sunny Summer to welcome the world’s foodie bloggers to town. Even better this year, is that FBC14 (June 6-8 at BAC, Clapham) has an […]

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sisley green cabinet from john lewis

Juggling work and motherhood is something that many women face and we all handle it in different ways over time. When my daughter was really young, I worked three days a week and made sure everywhere I worked was within running distance of her childminder should anything go wrong.  As she got older, it became […]

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I think we can expect to see a few more ‘You’ve read the blog now buy the book’ tweets and posts over the coming months and I’m really pleased to see that two great blogs are joining the book shelf with the publication of their sites in fully bound print.  Well, not the whole site […]

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sunshine empty room

This is my entry for the Gallery this week and the theme is sunshine. We were at Food Blogger Connect on Sunday at Battersea Arts Centre on Lavender Hill. It was such a hot morning that it didn’t feel like we were in England as we walked from Clapham Junction. Arriving at the venue quite […]

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This one might resonate with you bloggers who often get a bit stuck or find yourself with writers block. It happens to us all and I’m no stranger to it either which is why I wrote this presentation which I used for my session at Food Blogger Connect last week. My thinking has really come […]

Emmeline Pankhurst

When I learned that soon there would be no women on our bank notes in the UK, I didn’t want to let the matter go without doing anything.  I’ve joined up with The Womens Room to get as many bloggers as possible to create a blog post and nominate which women they believe deserve to […]

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geek t shirt topshop

Today I went for a run and unusually, lots of people smiled at me.  After a while the penny dropped and I remembered I was wearing a t-shirt with the word GEEK across my chest. I suppose the joke is literally ‘on me’ as that’s exactly what I’ve become over the last four years – […]

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Over the last six months, I’ve seen some great developments in blogging and they’re all based around reallycompelling and outstanding content. Two sites really have really shone out;  Tumblr and Gawker.  The writing is not for the faint hearted; it’s full of gritty realism and packs a punch, but it beats celebrity obsessed media and […]

This Saturday, 10 November, Mumsnet is heading to Altitude on Millbank and joining the mummy blogging conference throng with a new event; BlogFest, to celebrate all there is to love about blogging and social media in the company of some of the most talented writers and bloggers around, including keynote speakers Caitlin Moran and Miriam […]


Well at least one part of it does, this is The Westminster Hub on Haymarket. I’ve just been in the McKinsey session. Always a brave move to do an event on a Monday morning and the sound was awful, my view of the speakers was obscured by a latecomer (and a rather large one at […]


As part of my work with Save the Children I attended their campaign launch last night for #givegirlspower, another powerful force joining the global family planning campaign, which is spearheaded by Gates Foundation #nocontroversy campaign. There was an eclectic group of influential women; journalists, online journalists, writers, bloggers and vloggers at the event and as […]

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If you work in the communications industry, it will come as no surprise that social media has been the great game changer and it’s been a life changer for many people too. Bloggers, tweeters, vloggers and now pinners are creating a stir which is unsettling yet massively inspiring at the same time. So while many […]

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smart-walk nixdminx tweet

When people ask me why I blog I sometimes feel a bit stumped; not because I can’t explain it but because it’s such a big thing to explain and then something random will happen and it all becomes crystal clear. My theory? Life is just a lot stranger than fiction. Which brings me back to […]

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Join me on the Bridge Photo

International Women’s Day is a really important movement as it brings to the fore many issues around the world and also gets a lot of people thinking and acting on behalf of certain causes.  This year, I would like to highlight the Join Me on the Bridge campaign which everyone can become involved with… International […]


I’m starting the year with a resolution to continue supporting the good works that bloggers can do by becoming part of the Mom Bloggers for Social Good with 400 founding blogging Mums.  I know I am in great company and hope that we can make some noise in 2012 for all these good causes.   […]

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The Bailey Review, published in June, has set out to challenge the commercialisation and sexualisation of childhood.  This paper is by no means on the Mary Whitehouse scale of 70s prudity, but it’s a game changer none the less and it may yet have an effect the way we engage with brands through our blogs […]


For those of you who’ve not heard of it, The Technorati State of the Blogosphere yearly report is possibly one of the most credible sources of information for bloggers, and about bloggers. Technorati was one of the first sources of social authority measurement and it was way ahead of Klout, Grader and PeerIndex. It has […]

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