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I have to admit to having a bit of a school uniform panic. It’s not just the shopping, it’s the rapid growth of my beanpole 10 year old – she’s not only outgrown last year’s school shoes but her bike as well. So when we were mooching around the shops the other day I wondered […]

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I received this video the other day and thought it was quite cool so I got my daughter to watch it to see if she enjoyed it and got the message. She quite liked the content and also noticed the endframe which is the ChildLine advice line. As children get older homework and exams become […]

Choosing the right education for your child is not just a personal choice, it is heavily laden with responsibility. That choice will help define the future in some way. But how much?

It seems we no longer want to hide behind our blogger handles I’m no longer just a gravatar – since April, I’ve become less reticent about hiding behind my nixdminx name. Yes, I am actually a real person, so why hide from it? So when the lovely Tara asked me for a photo for her […]

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