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Nixdminx blog at Chelsea Town Hall

  This is a pretty cool sight isn’t it?  It’s the stage in the main hall at Chelsea Town Hall and as you can see, it was jam packed with fashionistas wanting to hear tales from the front row of the fashion world and more besides. But let’s get one thing straight; sadly, those chairs […]

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AURÉLIE BIDERMANN Red District lip shocker bracelet

I spotted this the other day and thought it would make a great addition to my collection of mouth and lip-design jewellery. With a design like this, the name certainly has to be a mouthful; and that’s precisely what the Aurélie Biderman Red District Lip Shocker Bracelet is.  It sounds like a tabloid headline, looks like […]

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These new Acne boots might just surpass my pistol boots as a wardrobe staple very soon. They’re gorgeous and I want them! They look great in red… These are fab too… And these… Decisions…decisions The’re available from and

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Viv WW case

This is the first year I’ve actually seen fashion houses take on the new plethora of gadgetry and create some great looks for working women. Here’s a great selection by Marc Jacobs, DVF and Vivienne Westwood (who has even created a business card holder – whatever happened to punk eh?). Still, I’d rather be carrying […]

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Well, I’m being dramatic, I have not replaced the entire wardrobe, it’s had a necessary update as a few things need replacing. Actually, these few things are being parked permanently; in the dressing up box or the ‘vintage’ pile for my daughter, never to see the light of day until she asks for them. But […]

Sex and the City 2 – spoilers – fabulous scenes from the movie

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