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There’s nothing like unpackaging a new gadget and getting it all set up and then trying out the new features is there? Well, maybe not always. I’m not one to spend time swearing at my phone for giggles but it turns out that it’s all my new iPhone 4S understands.  I kid you not. If […]

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Katie Lee is the UK blogger that has really moved things along in social media, and not only that, she’s made massive inroads into demystifying the bastion of the male species, the ‘gadget’, by creating her own blog about consumer tech which is aimed at women. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her a […]

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Isn’t it great when companies get things right? I suppose that’s what it I really love about great gadgetry; products that look really cool and are well designed on the inside and the outside too. It must have been a freudian slip of the fingers on my keyboard; instead of typing flash drive, out came […]

Thank heavens I took off my Amy Winehouse wig before I answered the door…actually, hang on a minute, maybe I should have just kept it on and screamed ‘Blaaaaaaaaaaaake Incaaaaaa-arse-errated’ …that would have stopped her in her tracks.

Miniminx and I have both got cricked necks from too much Wii Fit and sleeping at funny angles – oh ha ha not. I’ve learned the true meaning of a pain in the neck. Oh yes, kids do say the funniest things don’t they. My reputation is in tatters thanks to Miniminx and her salacious gossip…

Is anyone else blogging about being unemployed? I seem to be unable to find anyone out there…am I missing something??

I’m sure this so called modernisation of the benefits system has created two extra layers of bureaucracy to the whole process by adding the online and telephone facilities. At least the bloke I spoke to was ok. It’s all pretty mortifying, they ask you if you’re pregnant and if your baby father is still alive – what a joke.

…okay, okay, I’ve been lax and not posting recently, I needed to get Christmas out of the way and all the rest. I’d gone into the Christmas break with a flu and unemployment pending so it didn’t feel great and was dreading the whole thing as Miniminx was spending it with her Dad – boo […]

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