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I had an interesting chat on twitter last Friday with @liaonet which has led to me posting this video.   It’s very well put together because it tells a story, which is narrated by Stephen Fry, and it’s a short but comprehensive view of how reforestation is helping sustainability.  You can hashtag this on #weforest if […]

Residents of our local Eco village have been served with an eviction notice to quit the land. Now, first of all, let’s not confuse this with Eco the very chic upcycling shop on Chiswick High Road in which Colin Firth has a vested interest. This Eco village is a ‘grow your own village’ – a […]

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If you love planting seeds and getting your own garden thing going, you’ll know the dilemma of little peat pots – are they environmentally friendly, do they work and are they worth the money? You can put those questions aside now – here’s a really great way to set your seedlings off to a good […]

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2010 is the year I shall be encouraging everyone I know to be a bit more green. I have been trialling some simplehuman products for a while now. I have to say that I really like them. Rather a lot in fact. They are front loader recycling bins so I think they fill the green […]

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