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lush spa kings road

Lush is instantly recognisable by the aroma that wafts around all of its stores not just around the UK, but the rest of the world. ┬áIt’s a great brand, full of wit and wisdom which it dispenses freely on its packaging and in abundance in store.   But did you know Lush has a small […]

I can’t find this story on the News of the World web site. So I wonder if there was some edict that this Swine Flu Cover Up story is barred from being online. I’m looking at it again and it just doesn’t feel right. Hidden away on page 13 is this big story, while Garry Glitter and Kate Winselt hog the front page (pardon the pun). But hang on a minute – 1,500 people exposed to an infected person – how far can this disease go? Very far apparently, it’s exponential – 1 person meets 10 people and then it spreads and those 10 people meet another 10 people, that’s how disease spreads.

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