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the wanted

It’s not often you end up having dinner with the hottest Brit boy band around, and it’s true, we have photographic evidence from this weekend’s Disneyland Paris adventure. Yes, this grainy photo is The Wanted. They were guests of honour at the Christmas Disney trip last weekend. To say that Miniminx was star struck was […]


This is my first post on our Christmas trip and I’ve not been able to upload my photos because the camera battery has crashed. But here’s a start anyhow. We’re in Disneyland Paris for the grand unveiling of the Christmas extravaganza. Susanna from Amodernmother is here and so is Liz Jarvis from Livingwithkids. We’re staying […]

‘Mum, when can we go back? Tomorrow and the day after?’ Yes, I’m being nagged about going back already. We went to Legoland yesterday and found it a pretty good experience. I think we were quite lucky because it was the first day of half term on bank holiday – it wasn’t too busy. The […]

So home and back to the grindstone it maybe but the simple pleasure of cooking an evening meal and having neighbours pop over to say hello is just the bees knees. I’ve always believed that travel broadens the mind, but it also emboldens the home loving heart much more than I imagined or remembered.

I hear volcanic ashes are landing in my hometown and the skies are clear like never before. That’s what happens when you’re living in the flightpath and volcanic clouds are on the loose I suppose. We are away so have yet to benefit from this experience. In fact we are on the flipside of it, […]

When I told my friends and family that I was taking my daughter with me on a trip across Morocco I was met with two reactions. One was ‘Wow!’ and the other was ‘You’re kidding!’ Armed with backpacks, sleeping bags, cameras and sunglasses, we headed off from Heathrow and from the moment we left our […]

It’s been quite a week. Next week will also be quite a week. And the week after. I can feel the walls closing in a bit – the routine is starting to bite hard – the Summer evenings are long gone, the mornings are dark and while Autumn brings it’s own sweet and ruddy colours, […]

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