The life and times of a happy go lucky blogger in London

If you can’t quite get the slant on my little pun, well let me explain. I may be able to cook and sew, change a fuse and put up shelves but when it comes to day to day drudgery barefoot in the kitchen streamlined housekeeping I’m severely lacking. I think Nomestic is the new nom […]

Tempted as I am to name names, I’m just going to allude to the places I went in search of an au pair bike and a sparkly creation for me and my little one. So, off to the local bike store on Chiswick High Road – the good old local store which knows the community […]

It’s a sign of the times, I’ve given up the ghost and I’ve had enough of shopping!!! There are two things I still need in my credit crunch arsenal; a good le Creuset set and a giant pasta saucepan (hopefully for cooking and not pan handling). Otherwise, I’m in the market for nothing; nada, nil, […]

Is anyone else blogging about being unemployed? I seem to be unable to find anyone out there…am I missing something??

…first the wine delivery, then the final presents ordered online, then Royal Mail – great, I got my P45.

I’ll definitely go back, it’s a complete change of scene and quite refreshing – not sure if my love affair with Selfridges will continue

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