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This is my first foray into the Gallery. I have three photos which I’m posting as my contribution. They were taken last month while we were stuck in Juan les Pins in the South of France and unable to get home due to the volcanic cloud. We were staying in a 4* hotel which was great, except it was empty (except for a phantom crapper who dropped a load outside of our lift – I kid you not), and also it felt like The Shining. It was weird.

These rather grubby fox cubs usually get up at 8am or so and have a stretch out in the sunshine before having a bit of a lark about and then making their way out of our garden and into the neighbourhood to forage or do whatever they do.

I love photography and I’ve been looking for the right image to blow up and put at the end of my bed as a meditation. This is the one I have chosen, it’s beautiful to me because it draws me into the blue water and makes me drift off somewhere else. In the shallow glistening water, tiny fish dart around and the sun hitting the ripples creates a prismic effect. Happy memories of laughter, new experiences (snorkelling with Miniminx), sunshine, relaxation and lazing on the beach are all wrapped in this image. Plus it’s divinely serene.

Hello snowdrops! I spent nearly three hours walking round Kew last Sunday in search of these wonderful little flowers. For me they are the first sign that Winter is on it’s way out.

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