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Appearing on reality TV shows is a career booster for many flagging stars, but when it comes to politicians, quite the opposite seems to be the case. We’ve been watching I’m A Celebrity here at Nixdminx Towers because it’s pretty funny and of course we love to support our local heroes Ant and Dec.  Another […]

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I can’t help thinking that someone somewhere in the ‘new’ government has put a ‘facebook-style’ social policy making programme into place. Cameron: ‘Yes, let’s make bit outrageous changes and put it to the people – if they hate it, we won’t let us do it – but if they love it, it’s their fault if […]

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Is election fever winding you up? Has the last four weeks been a white knuckle ride or has your blood pressure risen on sight of certain politicians? I admit it, the whole thing has been for me and I’m glad I’ve voted. I grew up in a very political household. My very Conservative Mother believed […]

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