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park and bridge champages

I love tasting a good wine, so trying out a new watering hole for the discerning drinker was not exactly hard work, especially when it’s virtually on the doorstep. So last week, I did a postcode hop from W4 to W3 to experience a new kind of drinking establishment. Vindinista opened recently, in February 2015, […]

Popcorn is everywhere these days.  You can buy it ready popped bagged from the crisps shelf in the super market, in microwave ready bags and in exotic flavours like wasabi and lime, balsamic vinegar with salt, and it’s even making a starring appearance in ice cream these days. We don’t go in for these over […]

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It’s been 10 years since the Ice Age franchise first sprang to the screen heralding a new era in movie making which brought with it fantastic animations such as Toy Story, Monsters Inc., Madagascar and The Incredibles. The poignant story line of the first film Ice Age; where a group of animals reunite a child […]

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bubbleology delivery bags

I gave up coffee a few months ago and can happily report back that I have resumed sleeping and reclaimed my teapot. However, judging by the raised eyebrows I’ve received when I’ve told people, it seems that giving up coffee seems is more socially unacceptable than heading to a party and declining alcohol.  Well, if […]

GIRLS-Lena Dunham tv series

    Contemporary New York, a bunch of female friends, modern life trials and tribulations, haven’t we heard it all before?   Of course we have, which is why when a new show aimed at women gets a lot of  hype in the media I’m only really interested if it’s from a decent source and […]

Birthday parties for kids should be memorable and fun, and if you live in London they are the best excuse for being a bit of a tourist in your home town and taking full advantage of what you wouldn’t usually consider. But where do you start? We’re spoiled for choice in London and the prospect […]


Theatre purists often snort with derision when stars of the small and silver screen grace the stages of the West End. But why should they? I’ve seen great productions such as This Is Our Youth with Matt Damon, Casey Affleck and Summer Phoenix and not so great with Phil Jupitus in Hairspray. That’s the nature […]


We’ve been given a new kitchen gadget to try out and it’s been quite a lot of fun and no mess – which is quite something in our house. The product we’ve just been testing out is the new Sodastream home drinks maker and I’ve put it to the test with my trusty 10 year […]

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