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These new Acne boots might just surpass my pistol boots as a wardrobe staple very soon. They’re gorgeous and I want them! They look great in red… These are fab too… And these… Decisions…decisions The’re available from and

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When I first set up my blog a few years ago, it was around the time Woolworths went bust and we were heading into the worst recession for decades triggered by the credit crunch. So today, news has broken of the demise of HMV, hot on the heels of Jessops, Comet and Game and more […]

Dr Garcia's Baby Signing book and DVD

As a Product Champion on WeShop, the innovative shopping collective created by In The Powder Room, I’m always looking out for great things to showcase. Just in time for Christmas comes my latest addition, and a perfect present for friends and family with young ones in the house, Joseph Garcia’s Complete Guide to Baby Signing. […]

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Today is probably the day when online marketers and retailers are hoping to buck the trend of slothlike sales and start getting the cash in ahead of Christmas.  It’s been a tough few years, belts have been tightened and we’re all upcycling and make do and mending, before we consider parting with our hard earned […]

I have to admit to having a bit of a school uniform panic. It’s not just the shopping, it’s the rapid growth of my beanpole 10 year old – she’s not only outgrown last year’s school shoes but her bike as well. So when we were mooching around the shops the other day I wondered […]

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One of the biggest changes in shopping in recent years has been the mash up of bargain hunting consumers, driven by the credit crunch, and social media.  We all want more, a lot more, for a lot less without sacrificing on quality or quantity.  A handful of small start ups are helping this happen and […]

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Well, I’m being dramatic, I have not replaced the entire wardrobe, it’s had a necessary update as a few things need replacing. Actually, these few things are being parked permanently; in the dressing up box or the ‘vintage’ pile for my daughter, never to see the light of day until she asks for them. But […]

Now fess up, ladies, we all like a splurge on girlie goodies now and then don’t we? I love a bit of luxury but I wouldn’t say I spend as much as £24,000 per year like some. Neither would I say it’s a feminist principle to pamper or not, it’s just about feeling good and […]

A little trip down memory lane for me is always a jaunt around South Ken to see the museums. I love them dearly, and when we were kids, we went there all the time. My favourite was always the Natural History Museum. The Victorian architecture is, even now, quite scary but there are so many […]

I don’t know about you but I’m off to the British Mummy Bloggers meet up next Sunday. I’ve just checked the RSVP list and I nearly squealed – I’m going to meet my fellow Mummy bloggers – yihaa, I can’t wait! I just got an email from Susanna asking me to email some lovely lady who is organising the event and she’s going to send me a menu so I can preorder lunch for me and Miniminx. Even better, it’s at The Rainforest Cafe which Miniminx adores…wow – as my favourite neighbour says in her American drawl – that’s a class act!

Ladies and gents, if your Easter Sunday gets too much don’t worry. When everyone hits the chocolate high from too many eggs, you may start to feel the exasperation of being chained to the kitchen and that irksome feeling when the champagne runs dry. Fear not, just remember this clip from Women on the Verge of A Nervous Breakdown.

‘Wasdrobe’ is my new name for what was my work wardrobe. It came to me as I opened up the white doors to find something to wear for my child-free bout of weekend socialising. I rifled through the rails marvelling at all this smart stuff I haven’t worn for months and had a small but perfectly formed revelation. A very obvious and great divide had evolved….

You know me, I’m always at a loose end these days but I do manage to keep myself pretty busy. So today’s ‘job’ was to get back to basic communication and create a flyer and publicise my ‘Lost’ notice to my neighbours and use some good old fashioned door to door leafleting.

Hello you thrifters and penny pinchers, welcome to the Credit Crunchista Carnival.

This surely is frugaletarianism at it’s absolute best, happy reading.

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Being out of work is any oxymoron – I’m am actually working very hard to get a job even though the KPIs below amount to failure. Maybe I should just do nothing…and wait A year ago this would have been an adventure and I would have had  five or so face to face interviews by […]

I’ll definitely go back, it’s a complete change of scene and quite refreshing – not sure if my love affair with Selfridges will continue

After an hour with a recruitment consultancy, meeting two great people who I hope will be able to nudge me in the right direction, it was time to pace the pavements of Tottenham Court Road, Oxford Street and Regent Street to walk off the effects of a very strong coffee and kill time before the […]

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