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‘Muuuuuummmmm – why did you put that picture of me on Facebook – that’s soooo mean!’ Yes, I confess, that was the reaction from my daughter a few months ago when I posted a photo of her at the optician in full eye-test regalia you know those odd looking gigantic Willy Wonka style glasses. What’s […]

School girl Martha Payne challenged the catering at her school by writing a blog which has become a global phenomenon

In this post, I want to explore the ups and down, ins and outs of social media and the habits of the younger generation. A few years ago, I suggested Facebook Lite for kids, an idea which would maybe help parents let their children onto the social networking site but have some parental guidance in place. […]

I spent the afternoon with Save the Children yesterday at their London HQ where I joined a throng of bloggers, Thinly Spread, Dorkymum, Hello It’s Gemma and Jenography, youtubers and games makers to get a briefing on the new IF campaign, an initiative spearheaded by Save the Children to solve world poverty and stop millions […]


Well at least one part of it does, this is The Westminster Hub on Haymarket. I’ve just been in the McKinsey session. Always a brave move to do an event on a Monday morning and the sound was awful, my view of the speakers was obscured by a latecomer (and a rather large one at […]

There have been some great events this year and so far I’ve been to more than a fair few but I’m getting really excited about Cybher 2012.  It promises to be a really eventful and interesting day with loads of great bloggers to catch up with and some new people I’ve yet to meet. Here’s […]

I am at the Design Council this morning for the great debate about parents, children, marketing and social media. And of course us ‘mummy bloggers’ are at the heart of this discussion. On the panel: Jules Kendrick, Mumsnet Jane Rumble, Ofcom Julie Adair, exBBC and Disney Maurice Wheeler, Coco Here’s some more about what is […]


For those of you who’ve not heard of it, The Technorati State of the Blogosphere yearly report is possibly one of the most credible sources of information for bloggers, and about bloggers. Technorati was one of the first sources of social authority measurement and it was way ahead of Klout, Grader and PeerIndex. It has […]

natasha kaplinsky

On the evening of the new ITV show, Born to Shine, which I’m literally heading out the door to see any moment, it’s quite fitting that I publish my interview with celebrity ambassador; Natasha Kaplinsky. While she needs no further introduction, Natasha has been the face that’s greeted us for many years when she’s presented […]

It’s been a busy week for me as I’ve been to three events this week; all of them digital and each of them unique. First was the Cannt (the antihero of Cannes), the second was the NMA Awards at The Grovesnor (where my fabulous colleague Laura JB won The Greatest Contribution to New Media Award) […]

Here’s some video I captured from yesterday’s great launch for the new Save the Children Campaign. I’ll be publishing my interviews with Amanda Mealing and Natasha Kaplinksi who are two of the 2011 ambassadors for their new campaign.

facebook baby etsy design

If like me you have an under 13 year old in the house who has a mobile phone and email account, you might just find yourself being pestered to open up a facebook account. But it’s a tricky call. Should I allow her to have an account, do I set it up and have log […]

Twitter is ubiquitous and it’s reached superstar status as a social networking platform. Britney Spears, Ashton Kutcher, Stephen Fry and Lady Gaga have all amassed great followings on their twitter feeds and in turn they’ve managed to create a mass of press coverage about it too. So what does this mean for us lesser mortals?

Residents of our local Eco village have been served with an eviction notice to quit the land. Now, first of all, let’s not confuse this with Eco the very chic upcycling shop on Chiswick High Road in which Colin Firth has a vested interest. This Eco village is a ‘grow your own village’ – a […]

Advice on social media and blogging for agency people who want to know more. Check out my Top 5 Tips on Social Media

If you’re a blogger there are some things you should know about how brands view you…and not just in travel either. Your blog can make for a rich and rewarding experience through the communities you engage with which will without any doubt include brands.

And what makes me so qualified to write this post? I’ve been a corporate blogger for over four years and a parenting and lifestyle blogger for nearly two. My advice is for bloggers who are finding themselves approached by brands, pr agencies, digital agencies and advertising agencies who are all trying to get a piece of this new blogging bubble.

Why can’t you change your account names on facebook and youtube to nicknames? It seems like a simple tool which was totally easily to do on instant messenger, so why the problem?

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