The life and times of a happy go lucky blogger in London
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I’m one of those people that has an idea and then seeks out the thing, or things, that I need to make it happen. This ‘idea’ I have had, for some time actually, is to buy an old printers tray and repurpose it. Having searched on eBay and online, I knew the only way I’d […]

Hello you thrifters and penny pinchers, welcome to the Credit Crunchista Carnival.

This surely is frugaletarianism at it’s absolute best, happy reading.

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Yes, yes, yes, everyone is doling out credit crunch savings tips like there’s no tomorrow but who’s doing it with style, panache and elegance (pronounce: ay-lay-gants please!)?

There’s more to life than Aldi and Lidl, which is why I am hosting the best and most luscious budget blogs here soon…so please join me and make it happen!

Email me with your Credit Crunchista Carnivale title and send me your posts, with a link.

Pop your lip gloss (with the lid up) in hot water for 5 minutes and it magically melts to the bottom of the tube and gives you lots more wear.

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