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Miranda and the cast of her award winning TV series: photo BBC

With her latest series, commanding one of the largest viewing audiences over the Christmas telly season, polarising the chattering classes into the lovers or haters, it’s no suprise the media are finding her useful fodder at the moment.  Do you like Miranda?  The TV series?  Miranda Hart the person/personality?     Lucy Mangan wrote a […]

Appearing on reality TV shows is a career booster for many flagging stars, but when it comes to politicians, quite the opposite seems to be the case. We’ve been watching I’m A Celebrity here at Nixdminx Towers because it’s pretty funny and of course we love to support our local heroes Ant and Dec.  Another […]

GIRLS-Lena Dunham tv series

    Contemporary New York, a bunch of female friends, modern life trials and tribulations, haven’t we heard it all before?   Of course we have, which is why when a new show aimed at women gets a lot of  hype in the media I’m only really interested if it’s from a decent source and […]

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I am an out and out fan of political comedy and drama, especially when it’s written by Armando Iannucci.  I’ve been hoping that we would soon see an series, or even a special, of The Thick of It but I think it’s a long way away and now I know the reason why. I wept […]

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