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My luxury facial ingredients starring Olos

Today has been hectic, I mean really hectic, my week has been hijacked by deadlines brought forward by a week and an early return home from my daughter…While I’m delighted about both, it’s had a concertina effect on my to do list. This is why everything I usually plan gets put on the back burner […]

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Hampstead Kitchen lunch

Who needs friends? We all do. Feeling good every day has a lot to do with being in touch with people you love, who you have shared experiences with both good and bad and you can continue to share your lives with in any way possible. I have two very amazing friends who I have […]

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The Hampstead Kitchen - lunch with Saima

Overhauling your life is all about stepping outside of your comfort zone and doing different things. Today, I did that very thing. I spent a great afternoon with Saima who owns The Hampstead Kitchen – a most fantastic start up business which cooks up amazing food according to what you like, where you like and […]

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The Human League

The day has been overwhelmed with news, first PIP was everywhere, and then the news that Lady Margaret Thatcher has passed away broke. The biggest surprise for me was that the circumstances of her death were more Rock and Roll star gone bad than former head of state; it’s sad that she died alone in […]

Lift app on iPhone

At the end of week one of my Spring life overhaul, it’s time to take stock – is it going well?  Have I achieved what I set out to do? And more importantly, can I manage this for a month? The answer is yes, yes and yes. I feel healthier, more energetic and slightly more […]

Style 1 - instagram sharpie

I’m always full of ideas and part of this 30-day process is to substantiate them into something real. This week of culture and inspiration has sparked some creativity in me and for the first time since I can remember, I’ve been sketching.   It’s utterly absorbing. I’ve had this idea for a while for illustrating […]

Unhappy Birthday hails itself as a no budget movie and has an intriguing synopsis (below) and like Sightseers, it’s a grotesque pastiche of Britain rather than a gentle drama, so be warned but prepared for a Tales of the Unexpected meets Hammer Horror type tale… A surprise birthday party becomes a living nightmare for city-dwelling […]

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Not a big post as it’s just before midnight…I’ve been catching up on stuff I’ve been given to review and was happily waylaid by some unexpected visitors… Expect more tomorrow

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Lichtenstein at Tate Modern

Phew – four days in to this malarkey and I feel quite refreshed but being so busy, hitting the sofa for a bit of R&R this evening is no bad thing. It’s still f-f-f-freezing and feels more like the Christmas holidays with the snow. It’s hard to believe it’s April but we’ve been dosing up […]

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Well, the day’s not quite over yet but it’s been productive and busy with lots to feel good about, even though I’m knackered.  I’ ve also had some lovely tweets and comments about my 30-day challenge, which is great so thanks everyone. Today’s big win is that I managed a 5k run.  Getting started the […]

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This is day 2 of my winter to spring/summer overhaul and things are moving along nicely.  I thought this spring clean idea was an invention of Mrs Beeton or some such but actually spring cleaning is an ancient Persian tradition called Khouneh Tekouni – who knew?  I certainly didn’t.  The literal translation is ‘shaking the […]

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After a bad fall running a month ago, I’ve  not hit the streets to do my 5ks since and I’ve grown a bit too fond of Sky Atlantic to make my evenings at home productive.  I’ve been using this extended Winter as a big excuse and decided it’s time for a change. The sun is […]

Projection of satellites on the earth surface

London has so much to offer and a lot of it is still free, including the museums in South Ken. We spent a wonderful day at the Science Museum last Friday. I thought it may be foolhardy to head out to one of the popular museums on Good Friday, but it wasn’t too hectic. As we […]

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The many stages of childhood are blessed with lots of amazing clubs and activities to join and be involved in, well if you live in the right place that is. For my daughter, born in the wilds of Shoreditch in 2000, there didn’t seem to be much about for the urban kid but that soon […]

“It was the courage of the Timorese that inspired me to have courage. That is what has driven me throughout my journey and that is what continues to inspire me today.” – Kirsty Sword Gusmão If you are wondering what we all did before twitter and blogging when trying to effect change, and if you […]

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AURÉLIE BIDERMANN Red District lip shocker bracelet

I spotted this the other day and thought it would make a great addition to my collection of mouth and lip-design jewellery. With a design like this, the name certainly has to be a mouthful; and that’s precisely what the Aurélie Biderman Red District Lip Shocker Bracelet is.  It sounds like a tabloid headline, looks like […]

Google doodle for International Womens' Day 2013

It seems like International Womens’ Day this year has created a huge splash, largely driven by social media but also online and in the media. I’m not sure I particularly like the google doodle today but it’s a big step to have it there, and even Yahoo! has dedicated part of its home page to […]

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Sunday is Mothers’ Day or Mothering Sunday or any excuse to sell anything whatever it’s called these days.  However you look at it, it’s hard to forget, avoid or not be a part of. It’s a poignant day for me; more one of remembrance than celebration as sadly, My Mum died a few years ago. […]


James Franco, left; Michelle Williams, right

©Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The Wizard of Oz was one of the most memorable films of my childhood and remains so to this day. I loved the books and the author L Frank Baum was himself quite an amazing character. He started writing about the age of 10 and would self publish by typesetting and printing his own short […]

The Wanted - Red Velvet  Cake

I was on the phone when my daughter got home from school on Friday. While I was talking I was absent-mindedly looking at the small razor cuts which my fingers had sustained from cutting out stencils earlier. The look of excitement and anticipation on my daughter’s face made me smile. As I waved her past […]

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These new Acne boots might just surpass my pistol boots as a wardrobe staple very soon. They’re gorgeous and I want them! They look great in red… These are fab too… And these… Decisions…decisions The’re available from and

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In any given situation, there will always be extremes, or differences of opinion, and breastfeeding is no different. There’s always is and will be teeth sucking, eye rolling, tutting and shakes of the head when the topic of breast is best arises. Save the Children’s Superfood for Babies report, an important body of work, is […]

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My guest blogger, Dibha is one of the founders of AIMI

  Save the Children has launched today a major new body of research, Superfood for Babies, which looks into the state of breastfeeding globally.  This year’s G8 will see countries pledge support for combatting malnutrition.  If all babies were breastfed within the first hour of life, 830,000 children’s lives would be saved every year.  But […]


After my post yesterday, I’ve pulled together a collection of places to go this half term which focus on a small selection of London attractions including theatre and museums. And yes, this time, money is involved. If you’re visiting London, always make sure you book ahead and leave plenty of time for travel, especially when […]

Barbican London, Rain Room by Random International

Half term in London? Are you mad or what?! I hear you cry. Well, I’m not joking at all. February half term is often the best one to head out in London because it’s decidedly off season as far as the tourist industry is concerned. Only Brits would be so happy to trudge around in […]

ubi logo

Those of you that know me will be aware that I rely heavily on cabs and am expert in seeking the best deals and quality cars for getting around town when public transport won’t do. I don’t own a car and don’t plan to as I hate driving and think we pollute the world enough […]

We all know things on the internet can occasionally go pear shaped, but it’s generally a great environment and a positive place to be. Today is Safer Internet Day, so it always worth reminding ourselves of the perils and pitfalls and how to avoid them, plus teaching our kids to use their online time wisely. […]

School girl Martha Payne challenged the catering at her school by writing a blog which has become a global phenomenon

In this post, I want to explore the ups and down, ins and outs of social media and the habits of the younger generation. A few years ago, I suggested Facebook Lite for kids, an idea which would maybe help parents let their children onto the social networking site but have some parental guidance in place. […]

I spent the afternoon with Save the Children yesterday at their London HQ where I joined a throng of bloggers, Thinly Spread, Dorkymum, Hello It’s Gemma and Jenography, youtubers and games makers to get a briefing on the new IF campaign, an initiative spearheaded by Save the Children to solve world poverty and stop millions […]

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When I first set up my blog a few years ago, it was around the time Woolworths went bust and we were heading into the worst recession for decades triggered by the credit crunch. So today, news has broken of the demise of HMV, hot on the heels of Jessops, Comet and Game and more […]

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Another Monday, another bunch of PR hits the online versions of the media; covered by the Daily Mail and The Daily Telegraph and even Business Insider, it seems misery loves company nearly as much as the media loves bad news. For today is (drum roll) Blue Monday, the third Monday of the January, which has […]

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Miranda and the cast of her award winning TV series: photo BBC

With her latest series, commanding one of the largest viewing audiences over the Christmas telly season, polarising the chattering classes into the lovers or haters, it’s no suprise the media are finding her useful fodder at the moment.  Do you like Miranda?  The TV series?  Miranda Hart the person/personality?     Lucy Mangan wrote a […]

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baby-on-board badge

  Brace yourselves, it’s literally going to be a bump-er year for the bumparazzi (that’s the long-lens-loving photographers who get rich off selling ‘is she/isn’t she’ celebrity photos if you couldn’t get past the puns). So while the media pedals nonsense stories – Jennifer Aniston, according to the number of tabloid reports I’ve seen, should […]


Is there a better way to start 2013 than to have a bit of a look at a philanthropic business venture which aims to help everyone? Hangovers spent under the duvet aside, of course there isn’t. Last month, I went to a launch event in Hackney at a place called Degree Art. Funnily enough, it’s […]

Popcorn is everywhere these days.  You can buy it ready popped bagged from the crisps shelf in the super market, in microwave ready bags and in exotic flavours like wasabi and lime, balsamic vinegar with salt, and it’s even making a starring appearance in ice cream these days. We don’t go in for these over […]

cleaning gift vouchers

Working parents value nothing more than extra time which is why I look at everything in terms of a basic formula; £s Spent v Time reclaimed Simple as it is, it makes decision making really easy and on that basis, taxis and internet shopping come up tops, and of course, having a cleaner is a […]

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It’s been 10 years since the Ice Age franchise first sprang to the screen heralding a new era in movie making which brought with it fantastic animations such as Toy Story, Monsters Inc., Madagascar and The Incredibles. The poignant story line of the first film Ice Age; where a group of animals reunite a child […]

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bubbleology delivery bags

I gave up coffee a few months ago and can happily report back that I have resumed sleeping and reclaimed my teapot. However, judging by the raised eyebrows I’ve received when I’ve told people, it seems that giving up coffee seems is more socially unacceptable than heading to a party and declining alcohol.  Well, if […]

Dr Garcia's Baby Signing book and DVD

As a Product Champion on WeShop, the innovative shopping collective created by In The Powder Room, I’m always looking out for great things to showcase. Just in time for Christmas comes my latest addition, and a perfect present for friends and family with young ones in the house, Joseph Garcia’s Complete Guide to Baby Signing. […]

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geek t shirt topshop

Today I went for a run and unusually, lots of people smiled at me.  After a while the penny dropped and I remembered I was wearing a t-shirt with the word GEEK across my chest. I suppose the joke is literally ‘on me’ as that’s exactly what I’ve become over the last four years – […]

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eyes 1

I haven’t posted to the gallery for ages but it’s time to jump back in. This is my post for the gallery this week and the theme is Eyes. This is a series of images which I took on Photo Booth using the Kaleidoscope filter while goofing around on my latest tech haul road-testing my […]

Appearing on reality TV shows is a career booster for many flagging stars, but when it comes to politicians, quite the opposite seems to be the case. We’ve been watching I’m A Celebrity here at Nixdminx Towers because it’s pretty funny and of course we love to support our local heroes Ant and Dec.  Another […]

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Today is probably the day when online marketers and retailers are hoping to buck the trend of slothlike sales and start getting the cash in ahead of Christmas.  It’s been a tough few years, belts have been tightened and we’re all upcycling and make do and mending, before we consider parting with our hard earned […]

lush fun shop signage

I recently wrote about the new Lush Fun product and last week, having been invited along for afternoon tea, we popped along to the Lush store in Covent Garden to find out more and check out the Christmas goodies on offer there. If you’re Lush aficionado like I am, you’ll know that on first glance […]

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Over the last six months, I’ve seen some great developments in blogging and they’re all based around reallycompelling and outstanding content. Two sites really have really shone out;  Tumblr and Gawker.  The writing is not for the faint hearted; it’s full of gritty realism and packs a punch, but it beats celebrity obsessed media and […]

GIRLS-Lena Dunham tv series

    Contemporary New York, a bunch of female friends, modern life trials and tribulations, haven’t we heard it all before?   Of course we have, which is why when a new show aimed at women gets a lot of  hype in the media I’m only really interested if it’s from a decent source and […]

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slow cook ribs spices

When we stayed in Ibiza this Summer, our friends introduced us to a lovely local cafe which made traditional Ibicencan food.  We delighted in lamb casseroles, chicken wings, tortillas and ribs and let’s not forget the bakery.  I’ve never liked ribs but these were something else and my daughter became an instant, carnivorous fan. Needless […]

This Saturday, 10 November, Mumsnet is heading to Altitude on Millbank and joining the mummy blogging conference throng with a new event; BlogFest, to celebrate all there is to love about blogging and social media in the company of some of the most talented writers and bloggers around, including keynote speakers Caitlin Moran and Miriam […]

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lush fun 4

There is no denying that Lush is a great place to get fun handmade toiletry stuff and things for kids.  It manages to remain interesting and environmentally sound without being too worthy or earnest. The defining feature of all shops is the distinctive aroma you can smell at least a block or two away. In […]


Well at least one part of it does, this is The Westminster Hub on Haymarket. I’ve just been in the McKinsey session. Always a brave move to do an event on a Monday morning and the sound was awful, my view of the speakers was obscured by a latecomer (and a rather large one at […]

Annies Chiswick 10th birthday

We are great fans of a local restaurant called Annie’s and go there at least once a week if not more, so we were delighted to attend its 10th birthday party this week. We were treated to lots of bubbles and canapes and this amazing and very camp entrance. Now that’s the way to secure […]

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LondonLive_HydePark_map_gallery (1)

Throughout the Olympics BT has been offering free Wifi to its customers in the main venues. So if you are off to the games this weekend, don’t forget to take advantage of this. If you aren’t a BT customer you can still buy Wifi – the details are here. To celebrate I’m offering a party […]

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Specialty extra virgin organic olive oil' - inthepowderroom_com_WeShop_product_narrow-leaf-premium-organic-extra-virgin-olive-oil-box-of-2-x-500ml-bottles

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned working in the digital space is that ‘counter-intuitive’ works, and if you see a new idea and don’t quite get it, something that defies existing logic and extends boundaries, you’re on to a winner. In the early days, if you’d thought eBay, twitter, facebook or youtube you would […]


As part of my work with Save the Children I attended their campaign launch last night for #givegirlspower, another powerful force joining the global family planning campaign, which is spearheaded by Gates Foundation #nocontroversy campaign. There was an eclectic group of influential women; journalists, online journalists, writers, bloggers and vloggers at the event and as […]

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