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Arbonne Easy on the Eye

I’m a great fan of sustainable and ethical products and think we should all try and shop a bit smarter.  When it comes to ethical beauty, there’s often an air of worthiness that for some is off putting. While many of us grew up with Body Shop and, roll on a decade or so, Lush; […]

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Like most women, I use moisturisers and spend quite a bit on them but I’ve never tried botox because I’m worried it would freak me out and I would have to wait six months to be rid of it. Plus, I also like to have facial expressions. That said, I have an inquisitive nature and […]

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Jimmy Choo glossy metallic-blue leather multi-strap sandals

I’m one of ‘those women’ – the one who walks into a room, smiles and then who falls over in six inch heels and I can sit at my desk for an afternoon with eyeliner transferred in a straight line from my eyelid to my cheek – how I achieved that look is beyond me […]

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picasso pan

I found the visit incredibly inspiring and have started working again; that means painting and sketching. It’s one of my great loves Art but elusive at times but I seem to have grasped it again, for some time I hope, and all in the face of the volcano no less.

If you’re a blogger there are some things you should know about how brands view you…and not just in travel either. Your blog can make for a rich and rewarding experience through the communities you engage with which will without any doubt include brands.

And what makes me so qualified to write this post? I’ve been a corporate blogger for over four years and a parenting and lifestyle blogger for nearly two. My advice is for bloggers who are finding themselves approached by brands, pr agencies, digital agencies and advertising agencies who are all trying to get a piece of this new blogging bubble.

Do anti cellulite creams work? You need to use it for one month morning and night and apply it from the ankles up to the waistline. It smells exotic and contains caffeine, menthol, camphor and salicylic acid plus ginseng and biloba. On first application, I was expecting to be glooped but the serum-like gel dries quickly and the tingling sensations do last a while.

Now fess up, ladies, we all like a splurge on girlie goodies now and then don’t we? I love a bit of luxury but I wouldn’t say I spend as much as £24,000 per year like some. Neither would I say it’s a feminist principle to pamper or not, it’s just about feeling good and […]

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Hello people, it’s New Year’s Eve – the champagne has already been flowing and I’m going to have a nap before I go out dancing – it’s the only way to see the New Year in and go home having wrestled off those few thousand calories or so that I’ve imbibed / scoffed this festive […]

This image might look a bit familiar – it’s not quite the original from my banner. Those are my almost but not quite really all time favourite Miu Miu shoes and my daughter’s gorgeous tiny red ballet shoes which I hand sewed sequins on for her when she was three. And there they are, large […]

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I confess, I’ve been blubbing like a good’un and it’s no surprise really. On a sunny September morning I had one of those awful calls. Sunday before 7am. The one where you leave the house in a frantic state of agitation because you know things are never going to be the same. Ever. Again. And […]

I can’t find this story on the News of the World web site. So I wonder if there was some edict that this Swine Flu Cover Up story is barred from being online. I’m looking at it again and it just doesn’t feel right. Hidden away on page 13 is this big story, while Garry Glitter and Kate Winselt hog the front page (pardon the pun). But hang on a minute – 1,500 people exposed to an infected person – how far can this disease go? Very far apparently, it’s exponential – 1 person meets 10 people and then it spreads and those 10 people meet another 10 people, that’s how disease spreads.

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Aaaarghhh – it’s nearly 12.30 and I need my beauty sleep. So as I hit the pillow, perchance to dream or not, do wish me luck…I need it. I am experiencing serious butterflies and have come down with a cold so will be snivelling like a wretch…with a red nose (yes, a red nose is a bummer so I’m sure my dream has a deeper meaning). I’ve spent hours, if not days, preparing myself and now I can’t sleep a bit but I have to try otherwise it’s red nose and red eyes and possibly the red card.

Pop your lip gloss (with the lid up) in hot water for 5 minutes and it magically melts to the bottom of the tube and gives you lots more wear.

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I’m still bargain hunting online for Christmas stuff but overwhelmed by choice – why don’t they make web sites which just have really limited collections instead of an infinite inventory?

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