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I’m probably the last to post about the great lunch meet up at Kettners recently, hosted by Microsoft and Mumsnet, but I still wanted to write up about the experience. Considering it was the week following Cybher, I was delighted to see some very familiar faces in Christine Mosler and Coding Mamma to name but […]


I’m starting the year with a resolution to continue supporting the good works that bloggers can do by becoming part of the Mom Bloggers for Social Good with 400 founding blogging Mums.  I know I am in great company and hope that we can make some noise in 2012 for all these good causes.   […]

Save the Children is launching a new healthworkers campaign and true to form, it’s enlisting the help of the blogging community to share the message with empathy. I will be attending the conference today and on the panel about Taking Your Blog to the Next Level. I’ll be talking about how to open doors with […]

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Heather Armstrong Dooce

It seems the media is fascinated by the US Mommy blogger – a fascination which I doubt will go away – but why does it have to involve such a whole load of snark? There are two blogs in the US which are constantly on the radar and usually for the wrong reasons too. A-lister […]

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I suppose this is a bit of a love letter to all the members of British Mummy Bloggers and also a curtsey and a bow to Susanna – you know who you are! The theme of these posts is what has really happened, and this little adventure was the one that made the blogosphere a […]

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Along came January – there was an adjustment period to this new situation. It lasted about a day or so. I was free! And so, so glad to escape the glass towers where I had worked. Once a bustling enterprise, it was haunted by glum, grey, despondent suits wailing over share prices and school fees. […]

Why did I turn to blogging? Well, I’ve always loved to write and I’m a total chatterbox so it was pretty easy to find my conversational flow in blogland. And there were many great surprises and new experiences in store. Incredibly, this story I am writing is post number 149 which means over the last […]

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Trips to the doctor, dentist and getting my daughter to take medicine are a major event. I often feel like I’m entering the ring with an indefeatable opponent, with the willpower and strength of a Sumo and a banshee wail to match. I’m not one to admit defeat, so will investigate all options open to […]

I received these latest chapters on Friday for my sneak preview of Corduroy Mansions. In this tranche, we travel across town with Caroline, who discovers that her would be lover James bears all the hallmarks of OCD – so kissing is off the cards. While they begin a journey into a the West End to […]

If you can’t quite get the slant on my little pun, well let me explain. I may be able to cook and sew, change a fuse and put up shelves but when it comes to day to day drudgery barefoot in the kitchen streamlined housekeeping I’m severely lacking. I think Nomestic is the new nom […]

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So off we went on a Sunny day
to seek each other and go out to play

This is when the big red balloons came
and more than once they flew away

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On the launch day of the Spa a few of us lovely bloggers (and children and buggies and balloons) did a tour of the hotel and we then visited the Spa. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but actually, to be honest, I’d imagined the usual spa set up. My preconceptions were blown out […]

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Yes, in typical Nixdminx style, I‘m overworked, half crazy, don’t have a moment to spare and work 36 hours a day having crammed everything I could possibly do into my last few days in London before we went on holiday. In fact, even more true to style, everything fell through at the last minute dont’ […]

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Ooh la la, la la. Tara, Tara, Tara, just blame her for this Mamma of Memes – she’s even become a TweetMeme topic today so she must be good!

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I got a text yesterday from a dear friend who I used to work with, we both share a love of theatre, men and good wine. This text was to tell me that he’d spotted ‘My Blog’ in the Tots 100. This is quite ironic. He looked at me quizzically when I first told him […]

I don’t know about you but I’m off to the British Mummy Bloggers meet up next Sunday. I’ve just checked the RSVP list and I nearly squealed – I’m going to meet my fellow Mummy bloggers – yihaa, I can’t wait! I just got an email from Susanna asking me to email some lovely lady who is organising the event and she’s going to send me a menu so I can preorder lunch for me and Miniminx. Even better, it’s at The Rainforest Cafe which Miniminx adores…wow – as my favourite neighbour says in her American drawl – that’s a class act!

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Thanks to Katherine at Supply and Demands for this lovely cuppa. Such a beautiful cup and saucer, so dainty and sweet, but never judge a cup by it’s saucer honeys. My one contains two packets of Proplus, half a can of redbull and a double espresso but you’d never notice…. As you all know……..I’m very, […]

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I’m really looking forward to this weekend.
I need some rest.
I’ve been working hard.
Here is my walk to the station from work…

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Thanks to Violet Posy, I’m now part of the meme gang. It happens that Kate Morris has recently started blogging on Blogger and asked that people volunteer.

House rules of the meme. Respond and rework. Answer questions on your own blog. Replace one question. Add one question. Tag 8 people and so on.

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Do you ever have those really smug mornings? When you think you can take on any challenge and pull it off with panache and aplomb? In my household they mean one thing – something is definitely not quite right – in fact, it’s usually just the eye of the hurricane.

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If travel doesn’t broaden the mind, it certainly widens the eyes. This has been a great and adventurous Easter holiday. We went to visit friends in Brighton for a couple of days and then, after deciding it was time to make a longheld dream of mine come true, we went to Florence. Arriving at Pisa […]

I love this brave new world of all things webby. Not least because it provides a coherent link from the past to the present and, I hope, the future… A few months back, I posted a recipe which I love to use, Grandma’s Groovy Flapjack. It has proved very popular, not least because it’s simple, […]

You know me, I’m always at a loose end these days but I do manage to keep myself pretty busy. So today’s ‘job’ was to get back to basic communication and create a flyer and publicise my ‘Lost’ notice to my neighbours and use some good old fashioned door to door leafleting.

Thank heavens I took off my Amy Winehouse wig before I answered the door…actually, hang on a minute, maybe I should have just kept it on and screamed ‘Blaaaaaaaaaaaake Incaaaaaa-arse-errated’ …that would have stopped her in her tracks.

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Alas, this story of my job hunt has less twists and turns than the M1. I’ve become more of a caravan on the hard shoulder than the Porsche in the fast lane. And not for the want of trying, as you can see from my older posts, I’ve been trying to get a foot in the door at lots of places. But still, it’s hard not to think ‘Why me?’.

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Yes, yes, yes, everyone is doling out credit crunch savings tips like there’s no tomorrow but who’s doing it with style, panache and elegance (pronounce: ay-lay-gants please!)?

There’s more to life than Aldi and Lidl, which is why I am hosting the best and most luscious budget blogs here soon…so please join me and make it happen!

Email me with your Credit Crunchista Carnivale title and send me your posts, with a link.

It’s a sign of the times, I’ve given up the ghost and I’ve had enough of shopping!!! There are two things I still need in my credit crunch arsenal; a good le Creuset set and a giant pasta saucepan (hopefully for cooking and not pan handling). Otherwise, I’m in the market for nothing; nada, nil, […]

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Being out of work is any oxymoron – I’m am actually working very hard to get a job even though the KPIs below amount to failure. Maybe I should just do nothing…and wait A year ago this would have been an adventure and I would have had  five or so face to face interviews by […]

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This operatic rendition of what I can only describe as the universal language of Mums

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