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In any given situation, there will always be extremes, or differences of opinion, and breastfeeding is no different. There’s always is and will be teeth sucking, eye rolling, tutting and shakes of the head when the topic of breast is best arises. Save the Children’s Superfood for Babies report, an important body of work, is […]


I’m starting the year with a resolution to continue supporting the good works that bloggers can do by becoming part of the Mom Bloggers for Social Good with 400 founding blogging Mums.  I know I am in great company and hope that we can make some noise in 2012 for all these good causes.   […]

Save the Children is launching a new healthworkers campaign and true to form, it’s enlisting the help of the blogging community to share the message with empathy. I will be attending the conference today and on the panel about Taking Your Blog to the Next Level. I’ll be talking about how to open doors with […]


Wahay! Happy days are here again and the Easter holidays are finally here. This year, it’s not just about chocolate though, we’ve even had a few sunny days to enjoy already, so it’s time to think about sun protection – especially for kids. We’ve had long lazy days in the park playing rounders, hours spent […]

melvin burgess and the congo

Having spent an hour in a workshop with celebrated and award winning author, Melvin Burgess, I’m more than intrigued to hear about his trip to Save the Children to The Congo and his discovery there of child witches. He writes for children, specifically teenagers and his work has sometimes courted controversy. But he’s adamant that […]

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Heather Armstrong Dooce

It seems the media is fascinated by the US Mommy blogger – a fascination which I doubt will go away – but why does it have to involve such a whole load of snark? There are two blogs in the US which are constantly on the radar and usually for the wrong reasons too. A-lister […]


My one wish for 2011 is that I can spare some time to experience the rich and wonderful tapestry of London’s cultural life (and fit everything else in too!). It’s not so difficult to fit in a visit to an art gallery or museum, that’s why we live in London right? In this world of […]

Here’s some video I captured from yesterday’s great launch for the new Save the Children Campaign. I’ll be publishing my interviews with Amanda Mealing and Natasha Kaplinksi who are two of the 2011 ambassadors for their new campaign.

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On the outside looking in to a community session for Mums about nutrition. And on the inside, this is what is under discussion today. A crowd of Mums and small children gather around the healthworker to learn about a balanced diet. This is such a clever way to demonstrate it – the food groups are […]

Why can’t you change your account names on facebook and youtube to nicknames? It seems like a simple tool which was totally easily to do on instant messenger, so why the problem?

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Is election fever winding you up? Has the last four weeks been a white knuckle ride or has your blood pressure risen on sight of certain politicians? I admit it, the whole thing has been for me and I’m glad I’ve voted. I grew up in a very political household. My very Conservative Mother believed […]

So home and back to the grindstone it maybe but the simple pleasure of cooking an evening meal and having neighbours pop over to say hello is just the bees knees. I’ve always believed that travel broadens the mind, but it also emboldens the home loving heart much more than I imagined or remembered.

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If letting children loose in the kitchen is your idea of a nightmare, you need to think again. Helping them to make dishes for themselves is a great way to spend time together and makes mealtime much more interesting. It’s also a really important life skill and I’m always grateful to my Mother for teaching me the basics of cooking (even though I can never look a rock bun in the face again!).

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I was sent a preview copy of the movie Motherhood which I watched the other night and wished I’d watched it with a group of Mums, and Mums who blog too. There are some priceless moments in there that will resonate with a lot of you. Uma Thurman plays the central character, Eliza Welch, she […]

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Thanks to all you lovely people who dropped by and left congratulations on my bloggy birthday. It has been quite a year and it was nice to make a fuss about it. And now it’s my turn to give some of you an early christmas pressie back. So without further ado, here are the recipients […]

When I told my friends and family that I was taking my daughter with me on a trip across Morocco I was met with two reactions. One was ‘Wow!’ and the other was ‘You’re kidding!’ Armed with backpacks, sleeping bags, cameras and sunglasses, we headed off from Heathrow and from the moment we left our […]

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If you haven’t noticed by now, I’ve been reminiscing on my year in the mumosphere and I’m feeling incredibly sentimental – in fact, I’m feeling a tad bit generous and want to share some happiness with you all, but how? While I’d love to buy a drink for each and every single of the one […]

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I suppose this is a bit of a love letter to all the members of British Mummy Bloggers and also a curtsey and a bow to Susanna – you know who you are! The theme of these posts is what has really happened, and this little adventure was the one that made the blogosphere a […]

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Along came January – there was an adjustment period to this new situation. It lasted about a day or so. I was free! And so, so glad to escape the glass towers where I had worked. Once a bustling enterprise, it was haunted by glum, grey, despondent suits wailing over share prices and school fees. […]

Why did I turn to blogging? Well, I’ve always loved to write and I’m a total chatterbox so it was pretty easy to find my conversational flow in blogland. And there were many great surprises and new experiences in store. Incredibly, this story I am writing is post number 149 which means over the last […]

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I can’t quite believe that it’s just short of two weeks until my blog is a year old. Simply put, it’s been an incredulous and fabulous year. November 29 2008 was the day I clicked ‘publish’ on my first wordpress post. I was amazed I’d even managed to work out how to set up a […]

Thanks to the Royal Mail strike, my review samples from Simple Human are still sitting in a depot somewhere but the company has kindly sent me an extra 2 of their stackable recycling units. From the photos on their web site which I’ve used above, they looked like they would fit nicely in my Ikea […]

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I love this photo – Miniminx running wild in the desert in her pyjamas after a brief sleep. We spent the evening before watching the shooting stars in the amazing night sky. It was so magical and felt so free and peaceful. And of course, we were queens of the desert for just one day […]

Well Freddie de la Hay is not the only barking character in this collection of chapters I’ve just read. They are all nuts. James, he is not so much nutty as he confesses he is unable to get his to work. Berthea believes she should be placing a sign above her door ‘May Contain Nuts’. […]

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Ever have those bizarre conversations that verge on the complete abstract and sublime? I had one of those this morning with my daughter over the breakfast table. ‘Mummy?’ she said, one eyebrow raised to announce that she had a profound statement coming on. ‘Yeah’ I answered distractedly, somewhere between packing lunch, loading laundry, applying lippy. […]

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Trips to the doctor, dentist and getting my daughter to take medicine are a major event. I often feel like I’m entering the ring with an indefeatable opponent, with the willpower and strength of a Sumo and a banshee wail to match. I’m not one to admit defeat, so will investigate all options open to […]

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I’m a trifle bemused to see that all my friends on twitter are trending on the X Factor – I never watch the show in the later stages, I just catch the early ones, perhaps two at the most for the pure entertainment of the no hopers. Does that make me a bad person? I’m […]

It’s been quite a week. Next week will also be quite a week. And the week after. I can feel the walls closing in a bit – the routine is starting to bite hard – the Summer evenings are long gone, the mornings are dark and while Autumn brings it’s own sweet and ruddy colours, […]

I received these latest chapters on Friday for my sneak preview of Corduroy Mansions. In this tranche, we travel across town with Caroline, who discovers that her would be lover James bears all the hallmarks of OCD – so kissing is off the cards. While they begin a journey into a the West End to […]

Just because I blog, doesn’t mean I’m a trainspotter but perhaps it’s seeping into my existence. Only a month ago I took a steam train up to Corfe Castle and loved it. And then we got invited to see Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends. We popped in to see at the Vue Leicester Square […]

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This post of Susanna’s really made me think of times long gone and the games we used to play, so I’ve created my first meme and yes, it’s a nostalgia trip but it’s also a nod to invention and imagination. 1. The game I loved? British Bulldog – loud, brash, dangerous but great fun, knock […]

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Pre dinner drinks last night and I was having a conversation with one of my dearest and most entertaining friends, over delicious Lapsang Souchong Martinis (how very now) at High Road House, about how the big fear of the information superhighway, commonly known as the internet, would lead to the atomisation of our culture. As […]

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I’m having a rather large glass of wine after a shambolic episode. I’m sure everyone down my street heard, I’m sure they even heard me on the other side of the river. I’m quite jumpy so everyone in this neighbourhood is used to my occasional squawks but this was a corker. I saw a spider. […]

A little trip down memory lane for me is always a jaunt around South Ken to see the museums. I love them dearly, and when we were kids, we went there all the time. My favourite was always the Natural History Museum. The Victorian architecture is, even now, quite scary but there are so many […]

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I’m surrounded by lovely flowers. It’s no special occasion but it does seem to mark a change of season. I bought these as a last ditch attempt at keeping the Summer spirit alive and these poor drooping sunflowers are really trying to hold their own aren’t they? What is it about them that’s so beautiful […]

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Sh*t what the hell is wrong with me? All weekend I’ve had sweaty palms, butterflies and insomnia. I’m sure I’ve developed a twitch under my left eye (people have been winking back at me all weekend – it’s unnerving). I’ve been clenching my jaws, chewing my nails and I’m so jumpy I feel like, like […]

If you can’t quite get the slant on my little pun, well let me explain. I may be able to cook and sew, change a fuse and put up shelves but when it comes to day to day drudgery barefoot in the kitchen streamlined housekeeping I’m severely lacking. I think Nomestic is the new nom […]

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So off we went on a Sunny day
to seek each other and go out to play

This is when the big red balloons came
and more than once they flew away

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On the launch day of the Spa a few of us lovely bloggers (and children and buggies and balloons) did a tour of the hotel and we then visited the Spa. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but actually, to be honest, I’d imagined the usual spa set up. My preconceptions were blown out […]

When we checked out on Wednesday, the place was really open for business and as I was chatting to the staff on reception, I spotted a few people coming to check in. And that really is the main event – now the launch is out of the way, there are lots of people who are very keen to come and see the embodiment of the new Butlins Hotel – it’s bright, breezy and unashamedly bubbly.

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Hello again from sunny Bognor, the day started champagne and canapes on the train from Victoria to the resort. We were entertained by a magician and a couple of red coats and the atmosphere was pretty buzzy. I’ve yet to write my full report but we’re all having a great time so far and the […]

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Yes, in typical Nixdminx style, I‘m overworked, half crazy, don’t have a moment to spare and work 36 hours a day having crammed everything I could possibly do into my last few days in London before we went on holiday. In fact, even more true to style, everything fell through at the last minute dont’ […]

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Ooh la la, la la. Tara, Tara, Tara, just blame her for this Mamma of Memes – she’s even become a TweetMeme topic today so she must be good!

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I got a text yesterday from a dear friend who I used to work with, we both share a love of theatre, men and good wine. This text was to tell me that he’d spotted ‘My Blog’ in the Tots 100. This is quite ironic. He looked at me quizzically when I first told him […]

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I’ve lost my camping mojo – I was a glamper and now I can’t even light a camp fire. Oh, perhaps because it’s absolutely tipping it down perhaps? Yay, I survived a night in the wild. Here is my 5* accommodation, complete with ensuite field. With all thoughts of glamping, and umbrellas at the ready, […]

It seems we no longer want to hide behind our blogger handles I’m no longer just a gravatar – since April, I’ve become less reticent about hiding behind my nixdminx name. Yes, I am actually a real person, so why hide from it? So when the lovely Tara asked me for a photo for her […]

Can it really be a week ago that I started writing this post???? Mid Summer Madness is truly upon me us isn’t it? You will not believe what the last week or so have involved – it’s been AMAZING! YesterdayLast SundayThe Sunday before last Sunday morning I woke up early and had a wardrobe crisis. […]

I don’t know about you but I’m off to the British Mummy Bloggers meet up next Sunday. I’ve just checked the RSVP list and I nearly squealed – I’m going to meet my fellow Mummy bloggers – yihaa, I can’t wait! I just got an email from Susanna asking me to email some lovely lady who is organising the event and she’s going to send me a menu so I can preorder lunch for me and Miniminx. Even better, it’s at The Rainforest Cafe which Miniminx adores…wow – as my favourite neighbour says in her American drawl – that’s a class act!

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..and I’ve kissed my fair share. Just look what I found in my butt (a grungy old water butt that is) Gnarly dudes aren’t they…

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Thanks to Katherine at Supply and Demands for this lovely cuppa. Such a beautiful cup and saucer, so dainty and sweet, but never judge a cup by it’s saucer honeys. My one contains two packets of Proplus, half a can of redbull and a double espresso but you’d never notice…. As you all know……..I’m very, […]

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I’m really looking forward to this weekend.
I need some rest.
I’ve been working hard.
Here is my walk to the station from work…

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My daughter does a great impression of me using twitter… She puts the laptop on her lap, wiggles her fingers over the keyboard, frowns, squints then makes a really evil honking/laughy noise (a bit like a donkey). Then she smugly hands me back my computer and looks at me like I’m a loony. She says […]

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I’m am so chuffed – in fact gobsmacked to be a new entry in the Top of the Pops (well Moms and Pops) – it’s brought back memories of me and my brothers and sisters (six of us, a veritable bratpack) dragging out the dressing up box on a Sunday night, sticking polystyrene cups wrapped in foil on the end of bamboo sticks and dressing up to sing the Top 40 to an audience of two parents helpless with laughter for two hours on the sofa.

I can’t find this story on the News of the World web site. So I wonder if there was some edict that this Swine Flu Cover Up story is barred from being online. I’m looking at it again and it just doesn’t feel right. Hidden away on page 13 is this big story, while Garry Glitter and Kate Winselt hog the front page (pardon the pun). But hang on a minute – 1,500 people exposed to an infected person – how far can this disease go? Very far apparently, it’s exponential – 1 person meets 10 people and then it spreads and those 10 people meet another 10 people, that’s how disease spreads.

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