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Here’s some video I captured from yesterday’s great launch for the new Save the Children Campaign. I’ll be publishing my interviews with Amanda Mealing and Natasha Kaplinksi who are two of the 2011 ambassadors for their new campaign.

Choosing the right education for your child is not just a personal choice, it is heavily laden with responsibility. That choice will help define the future in some way. But how much?

I’m on the frontline of parenting. I’m a Mum who understands the issues around food and nutrition, not a journalist on a deadline who is looking for a headline. Is it lazy PR to send me a press release meant for a print writer or is it failure to understand the mindset of a blogger? Even worse, is it spam?

Dear Mr and Mrs Fox… It is inappropriate to let your children roam the streets and rile up the neighbourhood after midnight. Waking up the head of the household by trying to break in is akin to burglary. You have been warned. Regards The grumpy person who got woken up last night PS: don’t even […]

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Yep, you read that right, I laughed out loud after reading this post from psychobabble on how Mummy bloggers are so competitive and snarky and bitchy and well, just like gals really, that they believe their own kids shit glitter and write about all manner of other non-sisterhood related sinfulness including, get this, SUCCESS! CAREERS! […]

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We’ve discussed puberty and body changes, and I’ve tried to have the ‘period’ talk, but brandishing a box of Lillets and complaining about the rigors of PMT is not really going to answer her questions. Perusing the shelves of my favourite bookshop in Kew on Saturday, I hit parenting gold. I found this book:

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If letting children loose in the kitchen is your idea of a nightmare, you need to think again. Helping them to make dishes for themselves is a great way to spend time together and makes mealtime much more interesting. It’s also a really important life skill and I’m always grateful to my Mother for teaching me the basics of cooking (even though I can never look a rock bun in the face again!).

It’s not often you get to spend the morning with a room full of celebrity chefs and nutritionists who are all geared towards helping children eat better. In fact it’s a luxury I could not turn down. Frazzled and bombarded by daily media outcries about obese Britain, us Mums can’t do right for doing wrong […]

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In primary school, I see teachers chasing Ofsted and I’m disillusioned and worried that my daughter will not reach her full potential. I know that several parents are paying for tuition to help their children get along, coincidentally, their children are also in the athletic squad. Am I not being pushy enough I ask myself. Is there some invisible membership I don’t belong to?

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I was sent a preview copy of the movie Motherhood which I watched the other night and wished I’d watched it with a group of Mums, and Mums who blog too. There are some priceless moments in there that will resonate with a lot of you. Uma Thurman plays the central character, Eliza Welch, she […]

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Our children are growing up in a society that has banned smoking almost everywhere. The hardened smoker is on the run and that includes me. I’ve quit the evil weed, and this time it’s for good. Smoking was stylish and cool When I used to come home from school I would have a coffee and […]

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Last Sunday Miniminx and I had the privilege of being invited to the celebrity preview screening of the new Disney Movie, The Princess and the Frog. It was at the fine and dandy Mayfair Hotel in town which is very swish and glam, and famous for it’s famous guests. It is gorgeous hotel, and the […]

There’s a well worn phrase which was pretty popular back in the day…’Behind every successful man there’s a woman/wife at home…’ And when I say back in the day, it’s probably back in the day when men thought they could still get away with saying it. Because it really is an old fashioned belief. Now […]

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Here’s one for the Rubbish Diet carnival.  It’s basically about incontinent reindeer, how to make do with what you already have oh, and never buy wrapping paper again. For all of you with curious, bright children who want to know everything there is to know about the magic of Christmas Eve and the safe delivery […]

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Sometimes, I’m lost for words. Can you imagine your baby telling you to have a cigarette? Is this image pester power at it’s very worst do you think? Children are always puzzled by adults smoking. It’s a surreal habit as illustrated by the amazing David Lynch cigarette ad below, I just hope I can kick […]

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As Miniminx gets older, toys made from primary colours and plastic are starting to look a tad dull, grey and redundant. Even fluffy toys are left aside. While she still sleeps with Winnie the Poo, she doesn’t need to cuddle him to get to sleep. She’s never liked to play with dolls and is now […]

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It does tickle me as I wonder how the conversation went with the organisers as they planned this brilliant get together last week. ‘Ok kids, we’ve got a launch on. We have to connect with the mumosphere – let’s brainstorm – I’ll bring the chocolates and flip chart you bring your brilliant minds’ ‘How shall […]

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Trips to the doctor, dentist and getting my daughter to take medicine are a major event. I often feel like I’m entering the ring with an indefeatable opponent, with the willpower and strength of a Sumo and a banshee wail to match. I’m not one to admit defeat, so will investigate all options open to […]

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This is one of the most poignant photos I’ve ever captured of Miniminx and it makes me want to cry just looking at it. Sadly, for the last few days, this is the face I have seen at home. She has been acting out of character and then I asked her on Tuesday before bedtime, […]

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Nothing ever seems to go on in sleepy old Chiswick so when I heard that there was going to be an influx of great authors, I just had to pop along and see what all the fuss was about. Luckily I managed to grab a few £3 tickets to a talk from a very popular […]

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The radio goes on in the morning when I get up which is anything between 6am and 7.30am. That’s after I go into Miniminx’s room, give her a kiss, tuck her in and tell her she can have a few more zzzzzs before getting up. She always gives me a lovely smile. It’s worth getting […]

Just because I blog, doesn’t mean I’m a trainspotter but perhaps it’s seeping into my existence. Only a month ago I took a steam train up to Corfe Castle and loved it. And then we got invited to see Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends. We popped in to see at the Vue Leicester Square […]

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This post of Susanna’s really made me think of times long gone and the games we used to play, so I’ve created my first meme and yes, it’s a nostalgia trip but it’s also a nod to invention and imagination. 1. The game I loved? British Bulldog – loud, brash, dangerous but great fun, knock […]

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I confess, I’ve been blubbing like a good’un and it’s no surprise really. On a sunny September morning I had one of those awful calls. Sunday before 7am. The one where you leave the house in a frantic state of agitation because you know things are never going to be the same. Ever. Again. And […]

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How do you keep your child or children entertained on holiday? Well this year, I’ve had the pleasure of being woken up in the middle of the night by hysterical laughter only to find it was Miniminx laughing out loud in bed in her sleep and sitting bolt upright, holding her sides laughing. Was it […]

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On the launch day of the Spa a few of us lovely bloggers (and children and buggies and balloons) did a tour of the hotel and we then visited the Spa. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but actually, to be honest, I’d imagined the usual spa set up. My preconceptions were blown out […]

When we checked out on Wednesday, the place was really open for business and as I was chatting to the staff on reception, I spotted a few people coming to check in. And that really is the main event – now the launch is out of the way, there are lots of people who are very keen to come and see the embodiment of the new Butlins Hotel – it’s bright, breezy and unashamedly bubbly.

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Yes, in typical Nixdminx style, I‘m overworked, half crazy, don’t have a moment to spare and work 36 hours a day having crammed everything I could possibly do into my last few days in London before we went on holiday. In fact, even more true to style, everything fell through at the last minute dont’ […]

Going down the river for a sunset drink is one of life’s greatest pleasures when it’s on your doorstep. We often pop down to admire the hazy red sky, especially since we are a just a few doors away from the lovely old Thames. When the tide is out, all sorts of things wash up […]

Can it really be a week ago that I started writing this post???? Mid Summer Madness is truly upon me us isn’t it? You will not believe what the last week or so have involved – it’s been AMAZING! YesterdayLast SundayThe Sunday before last Sunday morning I woke up early and had a wardrobe crisis. […]

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I’m am so chuffed – in fact gobsmacked to be a new entry in the Top of the Pops (well Moms and Pops) – it’s brought back memories of me and my brothers and sisters (six of us, a veritable bratpack) dragging out the dressing up box on a Sunday night, sticking polystyrene cups wrapped in foil on the end of bamboo sticks and dressing up to sing the Top 40 to an audience of two parents helpless with laughter for two hours on the sofa.

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When I apply for jobs on corporate web sites, I feel like I’m aiming a pea shooter at the moon. My CV disappears into the ether, I get an acknowledgement and then nothing.

…okay, okay, I’ve been lax and not posting recently, I needed to get Christmas out of the way and all the rest. I’d gone into the Christmas break with a flu and unemployment pending so it didn’t feel great and was dreading the whole thing as Miniminx was spending it with her Dad – boo […]

After an hour with a recruitment consultancy, meeting two great people who I hope will be able to nudge me in the right direction, it was time to pace the pavements of Tottenham Court Road, Oxford Street and Regent Street to walk off the effects of a very strong coffee and kill time before the […]

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