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gallery june 12

Stargazer that I am, my entry for this week’s Gallery over at Sticky Fingers blog is looking towards the future with a touch of nostalgia.   Always one for an oxymoron, I’m posting this photo which not only makes me feel very reminiscent of my first year or so of blogging but also very optimistic […]

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My gallery contribution is inspired by one of the most wistful books I ever read.   It’s by Antoine de St Exupéry and called The Little Prince (or Le Petit Prince to those of you who have read it in French). For those of you who know the book you might find this picture resonates […]

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I’m adding this photo to the Gallery this week because it’s a picture I took of the spitting, snarling camels that we rode across the Sahara last year. They’re funny creatures; they rock you into a mesmerised state as you plod across the desert. You can see for miles and miles and after a while […]

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This is my first foray into the Gallery. I have three photos which I’m posting as my contribution. They were taken last month while we were stuck in Juan les Pins in the South of France and unable to get home due to the volcanic cloud. We were staying in a 4* hotel which was great, except it was empty (except for a phantom crapper who dropped a load outside of our lift – I kid you not), and also it felt like The Shining. It was weird.

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