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It’s silly season; government is in recess and schools have broken up for Summer holidays so it’s time to expect outlandish fillers stories in the media. We’ve seen the unidentified whale-monster and the six legged octopus that became a calamari supper, but the week that began with news of a new Prince has also given […]

Save the Children is launching a new healthworkers campaign and true to form, it’s enlisting the help of the blogging community to share the message with empathy. I will be attending the conference today and on the panel about Taking Your Blog to the Next Level. I’ll be talking about how to open doors with […]

Oh wow – essentials magazine has had a social media make over and that’s pretty cool in my book oops I mean blog – better still, it’s an open invitation to join in. This magazine wants everyone single one of us lovely ladies to get involved and is calling on all of you real women […]

Twitter is ubiquitous and it’s reached superstar status as a social networking platform. Britney Spears, Ashton Kutcher, Stephen Fry and Lady Gaga have all amassed great followings on their twitter feeds and in turn they’ve managed to create a mass of press coverage about it too. So what does this mean for us lesser mortals?

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Thanks to all you lovely people who dropped by and left congratulations on my bloggy birthday. It has been quite a year and it was nice to make a fuss about it. And now it’s my turn to give some of you an early christmas pressie back. So without further ado, here are the recipients […]

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If you haven’t noticed by now, I’ve been reminiscing on my year in the mumosphere and I’m feeling incredibly sentimental – in fact, I’m feeling a tad bit generous and want to share some happiness with you all, but how? While I’d love to buy a drink for each and every single of the one […]

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Ever have those bizarre conversations that verge on the complete abstract and sublime? I had one of those this morning with my daughter over the breakfast table. ‘Mummy?’ she said, one eyebrow raised to announce that she had a profound statement coming on. ‘Yeah’ I answered distractedly, somewhere between packing lunch, loading laundry, applying lippy. […]

This week’s sneak preview of Corduroy Mansions. Hmmm, I knew Dee might be ‘one of those’ types. This week she has the barefaced cheek to lie to Caroline about her dinner with James but of course is found out as the star-crossed lovers unravel the mystery behind the last evening’s disaster. Berthea Snark also reveals […]

When we checked out on Wednesday, the place was really open for business and as I was chatting to the staff on reception, I spotted a few people coming to check in. And that really is the main event – now the launch is out of the way, there are lots of people who are very keen to come and see the embodiment of the new Butlins Hotel – it’s bright, breezy and unashamedly bubbly.

It seems we no longer want to hide behind our blogger handles I’m no longer just a gravatar – since April, I’ve become less reticent about hiding behind my nixdminx name. Yes, I am actually a real person, so why hide from it? So when the lovely Tara asked me for a photo for her […]

I don’t know about you but I’m off to the British Mummy Bloggers meet up next Sunday. I’ve just checked the RSVP list and I nearly squealed – I’m going to meet my fellow Mummy bloggers – yihaa, I can’t wait! I just got an email from Susanna asking me to email some lovely lady who is organising the event and she’s going to send me a menu so I can preorder lunch for me and Miniminx. Even better, it’s at The Rainforest Cafe which Miniminx adores…wow – as my favourite neighbour says in her American drawl – that’s a class act!

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My daughter does a great impression of me using twitter… She puts the laptop on her lap, wiggles her fingers over the keyboard, frowns, squints then makes a really evil honking/laughy noise (a bit like a donkey). Then she smugly hands me back my computer and looks at me like I’m a loony. She says […]

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Thanks to Violet Posy, I’m now part of the meme gang. It happens that Kate Morris has recently started blogging on Blogger and asked that people volunteer.

House rules of the meme. Respond and rework. Answer questions on your own blog. Replace one question. Add one question. Tag 8 people and so on.

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